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    Okay handgunners, I need some advice. I'm looking to pick up a handgun for personal defense and hunting back-up (bowhunter). And, I just want another gun. I'm leaning toward the Glock .40 cal but some tell me the .45 is better. I hunt in AK and Montana so discouraging the griz, black bear, and mountain lion from placing me on the dinner menu is of interest (I currently carry a .44 revolver but want a semi-auto). And, I'm not necessarily locked into the Glock but am leaning towards it for dependability. The price is not a huge concern but if I can save a few bucks I always will.

    So....any advice on caliber and manufacturer keeping in mind dependability and overall value?

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    Well for bear defense no semi-auto will be as good as your .44 However a .45 would be very close. I like 1911's myself or Smith & Wesson.
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      The 44 mag is by far superior to the 40 or 45 for bears, unless your talking LC. The .40 auto will out penetrate the 45acp. On occasion I carry a glock 22 in the field. If I suspect big bears are in the area, I carry a 460 smith on my hip. I like the 40 because the round is a bit more effective through barriers. Strickly 2 legged hunting, 45acp is hard to beat. For brand, I have to recomend glock.


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        For toothy critters a .40 or a .45 is not of much use. Carry your .44 for that. I have a .40 and a .45 and carry the .40 90% of the time. its lighter, has a lot of punch and holds 17 rounds. What more could i ask for? Its a Smith M&P40 and i love it! Oh by the way its made in the USA!!


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          About the only semi auto I would consider small enough to carry and big enough to use on something wanting to eat you would be the grizzly in 45win mag. There are other powerful semis out there but most are huge and become difficult to carry and present. Although the 45win mag is not a 44mag its not far off and is in a usable size. A bit expensive and hard to find ammo for though.


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            Sounds like a glock 20 (fullsize 10mm) would fit your needs quite nicely.

            15 rounds of 357 magnum performance and close on to .41 mag at that.

            Lightweight, dependable and impervious to the elements.

            As a backup gun for bow shot critters I think it would be tops.

            Yeah as a sole purpose bear gun, its probably lacking, but it sounds as if your looking for an all rounder in semi-auto and I believe the 10mm and the glock platform is it.

            Ive been carrying the 10 for a few years now. In the 1911 platform though. I recently got a glock to try out. I'll be carrying that this season. Its been accurate, reliable, capacity is awesome, wich is nice cause with 2 mags your set for ammo, no need to carry more. The weight is about the same as the 1911, its a little thicker though and is easier to notice under the arm. But for field carry Ill probably go with a hip holster.

            There is some great ammo out there for it. Its called double-tap. Do a search on here. Lots of info.

            Here is some recent links on here. Sounds as if the 10mm might be making a home for itself here.


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              Forgot to add also that for 100 bucks you can swap the barrel out and get a 40 S&W for cheap practice if you dont reload.

              A box of cheap 10mm is about 30-35 bucks! A box of 40 is about 20 I think. so the cost of the barrel will even out pretty quickly.

              Or you can even get a 22 cal conversion kit but that is around 275.00


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                Given the parameters you described the Glock 20 is the best choice.


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                  I'll 3rd the Glock 20
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                    tia shemaker (ak bear guide) carries a .357 revolver and feels safely protected, so caliber alone is not the question. as in most (all?) armed confrontations there is a break-point between point and shoot. at that time caliber is no substitute for accuracy. but then you knew that.

                    the .40 is a shortened 10mm (matt is correct on this one, the "10" is a dandy) and so will do most of what the 10mm can do. good ammunition selection will greatly enhance terminal ballistics. stay away from hollow pts, and go for solids.

                    i personally perfer the glock m23 myself, and find it a huge comfort in the wilderness (or town).

                    happy trails.
                    happy trails.


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                      I too was recently looking at possibly a 10mm. If you load up hot 10mm the ballistics look like a 41 mag. Seems appealing in many ways if real world performance is there.

                      But, I'd stick with the 44mag though with some 300gr hard cast as a minimum for the brown fuzzies. It's all about penetration and a 40 or 45acp or even a 10mm just can't get where a 44mag can.

                      Anyone ever shoot or hear of anyone shooting a griz with a hot 10mm?
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                        Check out those two links I posted above snyd.

                        Some people posted there own penetration results and also relayed back info from the Makers of the stout ammo that is out there.

                        Also they mention BRWNBR getting a brownbear with his 10mm. Wasnt a bang-flop, but it was a terminal wound.


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                          You just described....

                          You just described a 4" Smith & Wesson Mountain Revolver in caliber .44 Rem. Mag. The .45 Long Colt is good also, just not as easy to find in a variety of loads, so it is better for the hand loader. The .44 Mag. ammo is easy to find in jacketed hollow points for thin skinned varmits or in heavy, hard cast lead , deep penetrating bullets for big critters. The gun does not weigh a ton and lots of holster choices are available, especially if you look at some of the custom holster makers. I own other Smith & Wesson revolvers in other calibers. I also have semi-autos in the 1911, Browning Hi Power and Glock persuasion. Their .45 ACP, .357, .38 Special, 9mm, and .22 caliber chamberings serve a purpose in my small hand gun arsenal. I do not consider them to be as versatile as my S&W Mountain Revolver in .44 Rem. Mag.


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                            The guy already has a revolver in 44. He wants a semi-auto now.


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                              no votes for the .357 sig? I like that round, i have a Glock 31 and i love it. I dropped a .40 cal barrel into it to save some money on ammo, but in a "small" (auto loaders with large cap mags) Full size handgun its a really good shooter that has great ballistics.
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