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  • 629 Back Packer

    Little help needed.
    Just wondering if the one with the paw prints on the cyclander is an older or newer model.
    Big Joe.

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    I vote older. At least the ones I've seen.


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      Originally posted by Porterwagner View Post
      I vote older. At least the ones I've seen.
      Do you know where I might find one to purchase?
      Big Joe.


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        I have an older one (double digit serial #) that I have had for over 10 years and it doesnt have paw prints on the cylinder.

        It has a griz on the right side behind the cylinder and alaska backpacker on the bbl. thats it.

        Heck of a nice handgun, wish I would picked up a couple of them. that 3" bbl isnt really all that bad.


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          Last time I looked Fred Meyers in Soldotna had one of each. The older model was on "sale" for 799 if my memory serves. I used quotes because it seems everything is always on sale at Fredys. When tourists go in they must think they've hit the mother lode on sale prices....I find it a tad annoying.


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            There's a brand-new one @ Fred-Meyer in Wasilla. Hi-viz front sight and paw-prints on the cylinder.



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              The most current.



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                Heres an original from the first run of limited edition back in the 90's (I believe it was around 97 or so)
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                  They have new ones at Fred Meyer's in Juneau, too.


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                    Yes! $889.99

                    Funny you should mention this one. I own the M629-4, which is the Mountain Gun, and carry that on the chest deep in the bush I like it because they lightened it and slimmed the overall apperance much like the .44 special.

                    The one your inquiring about (Backpacker--etched print on wheel) I was marveling at yesterday at the Fred Meyers on Abbott here in Anchorage. This is the new M629-6. As your aware the -6 is the latest (6th) installment of the classic 629.

                    This one is priced at $889.99

                    I'm a gun enthusiast and made my rounds yesterday, so get 'em while you can. Semi-autos are wiped out EVERY WHERE!!!!


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