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  • Drinking the Glock Kool-Aid!

    Well got to try out a Glock 20 today. Im impressed! My only other experience with a glock was with a glock 29 (sub compact 10mm). That was when I was a new centerfire pistol shooter. I didnt like it. It seemed hard to handle and I couldnt hit the broad side of a barn with it.

    Fast forward 7 years. I have been shooting pistols alot more from 9mm to 460 S&W. Settled on 1911 10mm platforms as my niche'

    Anyway, I got the itch to try out the glock again. This time the fullsize. I really liked the way it handled the recoil. Felt more "rolley" than sharp of the 1911. And no where near the nasty memory of that subcompact.

    Also after 100 rounds and getting used to that stiff trigger, I was able to get some impressive results with my handloads at 20 yards. The factory fixed sights were dead on at that range.

    Now the kicker! IT FED,EJECTED and FIRED everything! I even fed a box of my reloaded rejects through it. Nothing dangerous, just stuff that I know I goofed on OAL or powder charge or with some wierd unkown bullets. I even gave it a clip of 175 casts.

    The only time my 1911 got fired was to shoot the factory ammo to verify that my handloading wasnt the culprit of its frequent jams. And no not my handloads. Seems one magazine is the major culprit, with some other problems but thats another thread.

    So in conclusion I like the Glock! Yea its a little bigger, ALOT uglier and the trigger sucks. But its accurate, easy to dissasemble and Id stake my life on it. Weight as near as I can tell is the same as the 1911, comparing them both loaded.

    Here is a pic of the target. Yeah, doesnt look that impressive at first, but look at the center low. You can see a good solid cluster of holes. Those were from good consistent handloads. The rest of the scatter shots were rounds from the unknown/reject pile. All shots were offhand, 2 hand grip, 20 yards.
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    Not a bad first session with the G20. Good shootin'.

    In regard to your handloads, your wrist and the 1911. This proves very little except that the Glock will feed your loads. A Glock is known to feed and I have said on here several times the Glock is a difficult gun to hang up with a limp wrist. Now I'm not saying your not using good technique. You don't look like you would have whimpy wrists, I mean looking at your avatar of you and your wife,...... I mean I don't know who else would be in that picture with your wife...I mean....well anyway...ah, good shootin'.
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      Originally posted by rimfirematt View Post
      ... the trigger sucks.
      Ah, "fixing" the Glock trigger is one of the simplest things ever. My personal preference is the 3.5# connector and the 8# NY spring with a full trigger bar polishing job, which gives a very nice and consistent 5# pull. Less than $20 worth of parts and about 15-20 minutes of labor. Of course you can go light for target work, but I like to keep them a bit heavier for defensive-style shooting.
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        Thanks Joat! got any links to tutorials or parts suppliers?


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          That Glock kool-aid sure is good as long as ya don't look at what you’re drinking! They are the most instinctive autos I have ever had in my hand, but the plastic drives me nuts to.
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            Top Glock is very good for parts. http://www.topglock.com/catalog/stockparts.htm

            Unfortunately it looks like the 3.5# connectors are still on backorder. The 8# NY-1 olive trigger spring is a $3 part. But I wouldn't suggest using one unless you also change the connector.

            AGI is very good for training. Their "Making Glocks Rock" DVD is very good and gives you step-by-step instructions on performing the most common gunsmith mods. http://www.americangunsmith.com/view.php?id=3
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