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  • Sights for a Glock

    What are your guys recomendation for a set of adjustable sights for a Glock.

    Id like to have tritium, and I want them to be low profile.

    Also Im looking at the XS sights too.

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    I really like the meprolight adjustables that I have on my glock 20. They offer great visiblity.


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      Meprolight adjustable.


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        My recommendation would be....

        Trijicon Tritium sights.

        I'll also advise to get the none adjustable sights. They are low profile and rather streamlined. Now non-adjustable is not an accurate term for these sights. They are adjustable in that the rear sight can be purchased in several different varieties of height But in order to adjust elevation one would need to have access to the variety of rear sight heights. I recall that the sights were low medium and high thicknesses. Windage is of course adjusted by moving the rear sight within the dovetail.

        Keep in mind also that in order to change the sights on a Glock one need purchase or borrow a Glock sight adjustment tool. Do not try to hammer in the dovetail sights. :mad: Do the job the right way and use the clamp type adjustment tool. Matt, for your model 20 you'll need the large sized sight tool that's designed for the Glock 10 mm and .45 sized frames. They are available used on Ebay often. New they are $125.

        Suggest you first change the front sight to the Trijicon sight, then shoot without changing the rear sight. If all lines up well then you can purchase a Trijicon rear sight of the same thickness as the original. I've found that most of the time getting the packaged set (front and rear) of medium height sights works well for most shooters.
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          Thanks Guys for the suggestions. Well as luck would have it, my sights are working perfect for my handloads. They could maybe be moved just a scoche to the right but otherwise are dead on.

          Also the funds for tricking out another gun are a little scarce at the moment.

          So with those two factors in mind.....

          I have some duracoat glow paint maybe Ill put on the sights for now. What do you think about that? Ive never used the glow paint. My concern is that it will dry funny and give me a weird glowing cloud to look at!


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            save your money..

            Spend the money on ammo and stick with fixed sights on a combat hand gun. My 2 cents.


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