Protective oil to keep revolver from discoloring???



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  • Protective oil to keep revolver from discoloring???

    Does anyone know of a high-temperature resistant oil or wax that I could use on my revolver to keep the blast from "staining" the metal at the front of the cylinder?

    Thanks in advance for your ideas.


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    I take it you mean the black carbon build-up on the face of a stainless cylinder.

    The bad news is there is no such animal that will stop the discoloration. Burning powder and hot gases are always going to leave a residue and burn off any oil or wax you put on the surface.

    The good news is that MPro-7 or Hoppes Elite (MPro-7 repackaged) cleaner will remove the carbon leaving the metal in almost new, unfired condition.

    The question is how much time and effort to want to put into something that one, doesn't hurt anything, and two, is going to turn black again on the very first shot of your next outing?
    Now what ?


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      There is a cloth called "Metal Magic" by Tipton. It removes the carbon from SS and Chrome revolvers, without scratching the finish.. It WILL remove the blue from a blued handgun however.
      I beleive it's the second generation of a product called "lead away".


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        great oil for guns

        The best oil I have ever used is corrosion x for guns. It will take off what is already present and protect from future damge. Just great stuff. I have used other oils in the past and just switched a while back. It works great.


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