XD40 Sub vs S&W 340 .357mag



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  • XD40 Sub vs S&W 340 .357mag

    I currently own an XD40 sub and a Ruger LCP .380 (that is at the factory for the recall right now). I am debating whether or not to trade my XD and LCP in towards an Airwwight 340 (M&P or PD) .357. I use to own a 638 Bodyguard in 38spc +p and really liked it but traded it in for a scope. Big mistake. I know the 340 will kick like a mule. I have never shot one and can't find anywhere that has one to let me shoot it. I do own a Ruger SRH Alaskan in 454 Casull and have shot 340+ grain lead with that and can handle that kick no problem. Some dude at a local gun shop told me the 340 will hurt more than the 454? Any thoughts or experience with the 340 in .357

    Thanks, steve

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    I think your going in the wrong direction but yes the 340 will not be fun to shoot. curious, why go from a auto to a revolver. the XD it alot more controlable.


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      I know this is not the question you asked, but I personally made the switch from revolver to semi-auto, mainly for 2 reasons:

      Point of aim is natural for me with my XD Sub-Compact, my S&W airweight was not natural at all, and if I am in a gunfight I don't want to have to think about aiming. I want to point and shoot.

      I would rather have 9+1 or 12+1 shots of .40 cal with a faster follow up shot and a faster reload than 5 shots of .38 +P.

      As a side note on recoil, putting 50 rounds of regular power 158 grain .38 specials in my airweight .38 would make my hand sore the next day. 50 rounds of full power 240 grain .44 mags with a few 320 grain mags out of my 5.5" Redhawk did not make my hand sore, so I could certainly beleive that a 340 would hurt much more than a SRH. And I can put 100 rounds through my XD in a day without so much as a pinch or tinge of pain in my hand.


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        I'd trade that LCP for a 638, 642, or 442 and keep your XD If I were you. You'll carry heavier bullets in the .38+P at about the same veliocity as the lighter ones in the LCP. I'd trade more stopping power for one less round any day. Plus the revolver will go bang every time you pull the trigger for sure.

        The 340 is brutal with .357s, it feels like you just lit-off a seal-bomb in your hand. I have the all-steel 640 and it still bucks and roars with .357s, but it is managable with practice.

        Good Luck!

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          S&w 340

          I have one and you will get a very unpleasant suprise when you touch off a full house 357 in it mine stays loaded with 38+P 158 swlhp and that will do just fine for me thank you.The recoil from a full house 357 load has to be the most violent I have shot and I have shot almost all of them.Like a few others here I would keep the XD. Just another opinion good shooting...Ronnie


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            Ok, thanks for all the input. I think I will pass on the 340 right now



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              I like the 340

              I will admit that the first time I shot it I was shocked. It doesn't kick like a normal pistol, it basically just clobbers your hand.

              After a box of 38s and then a box of full load 357 mags I am used to it. I carry it for absolute last ditch bear defense. I don't expect to knock a bear down at 30 yards or even hit it at that distance but I do feel I wouldn't miss at one yard and hopefully can deflect a situation before that time.

              It's a light gun that I can keep in my pocket and easily snatch out without it catching on anything, and when I pull the trigger it will shoot.
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