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45acp to 460 rowland

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  • 45acp to 460 rowland

    Wondering about the conversion on my xd "5? Any thoughts or comments? Should I get my original barrel bored out or go with the bar-stol barrel. Is this to much of a load for the xd frame?

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    The rowland is a hot cartridge. You could contact clark custom guns. Here is their web site.

    Hope this helps.


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      My understanding is that the 460 Rowland is the same overall length as the 45 ACP. So you get no increase in powder capacity, but also no feeding problems on a conversion. The extra length was added to the case only to prevent the Higher pressure cartridges from being loaded in a gun not strong enough or with the correct recoil spring.

      Since the 460 Rowland is basically a handloading proposition anyway I would just get a stiffer recoil spring and work up some hotter 45 ACP hand loads, if your gun can take the added load.


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        We've converted several XDs, Corbon makes ammo too


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          I realize it can be done wildalaska. I'm trying to find out if it is worth it. What is your opinion on the bar-stol vs original barrel getting bored out. Is the 460 that much more of a "hot" round?


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