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  • Need Help/Suggestion. Phoenix Arm HP22/Small Handgun


    I need your opinions. I've been looking for a small, cheap but reliable handgun. Today I went to GunRunners in Anchorage and saw a little handgun that looked very nice. Looked great for concealed carrying since I do a lot of jogging and biking. The price tag said $179 for the Phoenix arms HP22. After looking at it for a while and messing with it, the guy at the store said he'll give it to me for $135. Right after he said $135, I immediately said that I'll take it not knowing anything about the value of the gun. I filled out the paperwork and paid with Credit, but like usual, I was delayed.

    Heres the thing, I went home and decided to do some research and found that the Phoenix Arms HP22 sells for $120 NIB. I then thought to myself that the same gun I bought for $135 plus an extra $25 for an extra clip did not even look nearly new. I've read that used Phoenix 22 handguns runs about $75 because of their low quality. Lol. I thought to myself, did I just get ripped off because the extra clip I bought for $25 looked a little rusty too. I just spent $160.

    OK, since I got delayed for 3 days like usual, can I make a refund and have the guy charge the amount back into my credit card OR was this a OK buy? What do you guys think of the gun? Anywhere I can get a better buy for a small handgun for cancealed carrying? Does anyone of you guys have a small enough handgun for sale at a low price range?

    Please reply or PM me
    Thanks in Advance

    Heres a example picture of what it looked like but imagine some wear and rust to the gun.

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    I would stop the deal ASAP and buy elsewhere.Have them refund your card.In your case being still new at this I would suggest you take someone who knows guns with you for your next purchase.If you want a small auto buy a used Berreta or Taurus but note these guns are of little real protection but are fun to shoot.Your personal protection gun should be about your best gun as it protects your life and must go bang every time
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      Cheap small 22LR semi auto's are notorious for not feeding/working very well, you might want to reconsider. One can never go wrong buying quality firearms.


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        An interesting Gun

        I think the prices vary widely.

        I got one when they first came out, and for the same reasons you mention. I donít remember the cost, but it wasnít close to $75.00.

        Of course, mine is the nickel finish version, and came in a case with an extra and longer barrel, another magazine, cleaning equipment etc.

        I sent it back to the manufacturer twice because of jamming, and they didnít fix it, but I fixed it myself by scraping the feeding ramps on each barrel It does OK now.

        I have 2 additional magazines because they sent one each time they sent it back to me. I can fill the 4 magazines and fire them all 2 or three times without a jam, but after it gets really dirty, jamming is a possibility.

        The safeties are a pain, but you can figure them out. Iíve learned how to switch barrels without too much trouble, but I prefer the shorter barrel and it seems to be as accurate, which is pretty good.

        Reportedly, some people have had numerous problems with these guns. Iíve had no parts breakage, loose sights, etc, myself, so maybe I lucked out.

        A 22 LR is better protection than nothing at all. This gun however may be too heavy to jog with. I usta have trouble keeping the old fliptop Cell Phones from bouncing, when I ran. On a bike, it would probably work OK.

        I posted my experiences with this contraption, and recently referred to, and reposted them.

        Itís about the same size and weight of my Walther PPK. Itís a lot of fun to shoot, so I shoot it pretty often. Iím curious as to how long it will last, but the more I shoot it, the more confidence I have in itís longevity.

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          Thank you all for your responses. I will indeed look into the Walter PPK and hope I can find a used one around town.

          Thanks Again


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