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    Who is the best shooting coach in Fairbanks and why?
    My wife's birthday is tomorrow. She has talked off and on about learning to shoot. Years ago she shot with Jim Lowe, ex AST Wildlife Enforcement. She really liked it, but I could not get her back to it.
    I shot competitive archery, so know enough to know I don't know enough. I'd be willing to let a real coach get her started right. I also talked her friend into doing the same thing.
    One person in town has weekend classes that run 6 hours a day for both days. Students get to shoot very little. At the end of class they can apply for Concealed Carry. I don't think that I could get her to do that.
    I do think it possible to get her to commit to several nights a week for a couple of weeks though.
    Who is on your "A" list to coach your wife?

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    With all the experience here, I thought this thread would generate some interest and feedback. I received one pm (thanks for that) and the suggestion was to have my wife join a shooting league.
    I find it interesting that:
    1- some of you don't believe you are good enough to coach
    2- (assumption here on ratios) most of you are men and believe that by virtue of your maculinity you do not need coaching
    3- all of you have a relationship with your wives that allow you to be her "everything" when it come to guns. Golly I want to grow up to be just like you.

    As a past competitive archer I am smart enough to know my limitations. Even though I was coached by an AST/SERT/Instructor on shooting handguns, I realize I don't know enough to pass that on to my wife. My goals are simple. I want my wife to become comfortable and proficient with handguns so that we can do something together that I currently enjoy, and that she develops more "tools" to be able to take care of herself if needed.
    And yes, you are right, if I get her to go shoot, and enjoy it, then I can tell her that all of the hanguns I bought this past year were for her to be able to try out. Think she will believe me? gotta go, I think I found another one to buy!


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      What about Joe Nava? I've heard him on KFAR on Thursdays and he seems like he'd be one of the best. I'd really like to get my wife into a shooting class too. She still needs a little convincing, to say the least....Louis
      Louis Knapp


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        Joe Nava is a good choice, and maybe the obvious one. Anybody use Joe and somebody else to have a comparison?


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