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  • Smith Airweight 44 Mag

    Anyone shooting a Smith Airweight 44 mag with the 4" barrel. I saw one the other day at the store and it looked perfect for a side arm while fishing or bow hunting. Looking for advice on how it shoots, recoil, etc... Also what is a fair price on these, the one I saw was $775 new.

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    Never fired one, but did look at them at one time. Very light and would cary easily. I know the earlier light handguns had trouble with bullits becoming unseated as the recoil was more severe.
    I carry the SW mountian gun it seems to be a good mix of size and weight.



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      I've handled and fired one, but didn't find enough advantage to make me replace my 4" magnaported 629. If I didn't already have the 629, I would certainly have picked it up. Both are very accurate when you do your part. I do double action shooting almost exclusively, so I did an action/spring job on mine. Porting is really worthwhile, bringing recoil levels very similar to those of my unported 7" Ruger Redhawk.
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        PM'd you

        I sent you a private message... let me know if you got it...


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          Had one, shot it, sold it. Great to carry but recoil was totally excessive. Much worse than my 4in 500 S&W.


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            I have one. Actually it's my second one. They are not for the timid. Most of my friends will not shoot a full six rounds and it's been dropped by a couple who wern't expecting the recoil.

            On the plus side and like I said it's my second sold the first one and a year latter found one of the ALASKA PACKER III models and had to have it. I have put a few hundred rounds through it. It shoots nice and a S&W 500 grip tames it down a lot. All the 44 Mags I have ever owned kicked harder than a 454 or 500. To me it's a different type of recoil. They are light and nice to carry! Mine is the same weight as the old snubnose Charter Arms Bulldog Pug I have and kicks about the same. If I had to grab just one of the pistols in the house and bet my life on it, it would be the S&W airweight.

            Also S&W warranty is one of the best I have ever delt with. From lost screws to something I just didn't feel was right they have taken care of it.



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              I have a S&W 329 with the 500 Grips and I really like this pistol. I have told this story before but I will tell it again.

              I have a friend that was itching to shoot my new 329 last winter. He has stubby hands and has a hard time holding onto large caliber pistols but he wanted to fire 6 rounds of 44 mag remington factory loads. I warned him, hold on tight because this pistol has some recoil. I could see the flinch coming and he was so nervous it took him a minute to pull the trigger. Then he turned to me and said, "what are you talking about this pistol isnt that bad." Then he let the remaining 5 rounds.

              I have mainly fired this pistol in sub zero temperatures, which can really hurt when your hands are frozen to the bone. I am going to the range this weekend to fire a few rounds and refresh my memory on how bad the recoil is, but this time it wont be -10*F.


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                I have owned one for about the last 3 years, and have to say that it is very nice to carry while fishing/hunting or whatever. I sometimes forget that I'm even carrying it. The recoil isn't bad at all with 240gr rounds , but I definitely know when I shoot the 305gr Cor-Bons! It really just depends on how much recoil you can handle. I have friends who have shot it once and would never touch it again, and others who love shooting it.


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