DE 50 cal vs SW M29 44mag?



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  • DE 50 cal vs SW M29 44mag?

    I do not know if maybe I should of posted this on the Shooting forum? However, here goes...I currently have a SW M29 with the 8 3/8 inch barrel and I have used this as a hunting hand gun for deer and hogs and of course as a side arm. I have seen more and more hunters talking about the Desert Eagles as a side arm in AK. I have even seen them used on hunt'n shows and in all the stores in this gun really practical, the larger cal (DE 50) on this gun really more powerful? Or should I just stick with the SW (even though I would've preferred the 6 incher instead of my 8 incher) barrel that is...Any feed back Pro - Con is appreciated...


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    50 AE vs 44 Mag


    The Desert Eagle, the LAR Grizzly, the 555 Freedoms Arms or any of the handguns for the 50 AE (Action Express) are advertised to give ballistics of 325 grain bullets at 1400 fps with 36,000 psi. The autoloaders I have used have not achieved that performance but are close. They are not more powerful than the 44 mag if heavy bullets are used. My 7 1/2" barreled Ruger Redhawk will send 320 grains bullets at about 1350 fps so the energy is about equal. The 44 will have better sectional density and penetrate better. Also a revolver is generally considered more rugged and better "trail worthy" than an autoloader. The Grizzly and the DE are both well made and strong but to me have always been bulky and hard to carry comfortably. If you're looking for more horse power and still want a revolver, you should look at the 480 Ruger or for even more fun the 454 Casull. Both better performers than the 50 AE. There is a better selection of bullets and loads for revolver calibers, also. Good shootin'.

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      Years ago I used to own a DE in 41 Magnum and took several head of game with it. Overall very good and reliable pistols.


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        .50 Desert Eagle

        I carry a .50 Desert Eagle and have enjoyed shooting it. It is a handful. I sleep better in bear country knowing it is with me.


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          Bottom line, with comparable power as Murphy notes, which do you shoot better? Be fair now.... Shoot the Smith DA. I've shot Smiths DA for so many years it's no handicap, but lots of folks shoot an auto more accurately. To be effective for bears, accuracy is at a premium with handguns.
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            I like using encores for my long range pistol hunting. If you like the more traditional pistols check out the new 460 S&W. This looks like a serious, high powered, long range revolver. I've heard that it doesn't kick that bad either.


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              44 Mag

              I have several pistols but the SW Performance Shop V Comp 5" 44 Mag with Fed 250 Gold Medal Factory loads is very sweet in Alaska. I often carry a 6" Colt Python with my handloads using 180 gr Sierra FPJ and H110. I have a FA 454 a 7.5" with a Burris 2X scope but it is like carrying a Carbine rifle.....little heavy. A pistol in AK is nice to have while putting out bear bait or berry picking but do I suggest it offers a false sense of security for most!


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