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Probably going to sell my G20SF and go for a slimer gripped 10mm.

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  • Probably going to sell my G20SF and go for a slimer gripped 10mm.

    I have been looking around and NOTHING seems to be out there.
    Thinking about:
    Sig P-220R5 Legion sa/da in 10mm ...or...
    A Dan Wesson Razorback 1911 in 10mm
    OR... Maybe a Kimber Camp Guard 10...
    Now somebody recommended a Springfield TRP 1911 in 10mm...

    any thoughts???
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    How much for your 20?
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      If I had to have a single stack 10 it would be one of the Sig 220 models. I evolved from 10mm to .45 Super (FN) and never looked back.

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        I know a shooter that had the TRP 1911 in 10 MM, he likes it but he is also a 1911 guy. IF, I was going to go from a Glock 10 MM the TRP would be my first choice. However I like my Glock 10 MM hand guns and at this point can not see me changing!


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          S&W 1006. DA/SA. De-cocker. Stainless. 38oz. 5 1/4" barrel. 9 in the magazine. Love mine.


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            The lone wolf 10mm might be an option. It's basically a 1911 Glock... I have held one and it's much narrower than either of the actual glocks. Eagle River Gun Cache had one on the shelf last time I was there.<br/><br/>Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk<br/><br/>
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