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Alaska Backpacker ammunition 45 colt.

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  • Alaska Backpacker ammunition 45 colt.

    I've searched through the old posts here, and couldn't find anything about the velocity of Alaska Backpacker.

    I've bought some Alaska Backpacker 45 Long Colt 335 Gr. hard cast lead bullets for my Ruger alaskan. I also have some Cor-Bon 454 Casull 300 gr. JSP for it.

    I'm most interested in the 45 long colt loads, velocity, powder used and how much.
    I'll be hand loading for this round soon, and want to duplicate it or find something comparable, for more shooting practice. That, and I'm just curious about the Alaska Backpacker stuff.

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    The Alaska Backpacker ammo for the 45 Colt is loaded with the Cast Performance 335 WLNGC. This is one of my favorite bullets for the 454 and 45 Colt. I think the ABP load is 16.5 grains of W296 powder and, going from memory here, velocity in my 4/58" Ruger was just shy of 1100 fps. I think I still have some ammo and can test in my 4 3/4" FA 97, which should be faster the Ruger, it is a little loose. But your snubby will be less. You can duplicate that load and actually exceed it by a bit by judicious handloading. Other powders are better in the short barrel and would include Vihta N110 and N105. Lil'Gun seem to have a slight advantage in the short barrels over H110 and W296. It would take some testing, but that' what I do. I do not have a Ruger Alaskan for a test gun, however.

    I will check my notes tonite for an update on details.
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      That'll get me started right.

      Thanks for taking the time, Murphy.

      That will give me a great start on a good load for the 45 colt.
      I'm glad to know a bit more about the Alaskan backpacker load.
      I'm looking foward to your next post.



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