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Pistol match Indoors Palmer

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  • Pistol match Indoors Palmer

    Pistol Match.
    Shoot one, two or all three matches. Shoot a 22LR for all three matches or RF, CF, 45. Bring a Junior or New Shooter!

    Need a a 22LR to use? We can help.

    Come shoot!


    MVS Bullseye NRA 2700

    INDOOR Pistol Match

    January 25 and February 22 2020

    Point of Contact David Allen
    PH 907.230.2910
    Type Approved NRA Bullseye Pistol Tournament
    Sponsor Matanuska Valley Sportsmen, Inc (MVS)
    Place Matanuska Valley Sportmen's Shooting Range MP 38.5 Glenn Highway; Palmer, Alaska. See
    Open Public is welcome to attend and participate. Junior shooters must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.
    Entry fee $10.00 + MVS Range Fee. Exact change is appreciated.
    Range Fee Match Participants will pay MVS range fee currently in effect for the day in addition to the Match Fee
    Entry OPENS 08:00AM. CLOSES 08:45 AM Date of Match at MVS Range.
    Classify The NRA Classification System is used in all matches. Classes are High Master, Master, Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman. Assigned Classification (Rule 19.6) may be used. A minimum of four competitors will constitute a class. Classes will be combined upward as necessary to obtain at least four competitors in a combined class, except that no classes will be combined with High Master class. Four or more Unclassified shooters will be placed in a separate Unclassified class; otherwise, they will compete in Master class
    Open Open to any individual. New shooters are welcome. NRA membership is not a requirement to compete in NRA tournaments; however, in order to establish National Records, the shooter must have an NRA classification number. Non-members are encouraged to join the NRA, and NRA membership application forms will be available.

    In order to enter scores of competitors into the NRA Classification System, all competitors who are NRA members must put their NRA member ID number on their entry form (do not use leading zeroes). Non-NRA members that have an NRA classification number must place it on their entry form.
    Rules NRA Pistol Match Rules will govern conduct of match. MVS Range rules remain in effect. Competitors are responsible for being familiar with and complying with the rules, and this match program

    All scoring will be done by competitors after each 10-shot string. Competitors are responsible for replacing/repairing targets, and for turning in their completed and signed scorecards at the end of each match fired. Competitors may use official NRA scoring overlays to help determine shot value. Scoring plugs will be used by range officers and tournament officials only. Competitors may provide their own staple guns, staples, and repair tape or pasters. Target repair centers will be staged on the range for the competitorsí convenience.
    Challenge A fee of $2 will be charged for each scoring challenge made. A three-person Jury will be used to resolve any scoring challenges. The fee will be returned, if the challenge is upheld.
    Match NRA 2700 point Bullseye Pistol. NRA 22LR Pistol, fired concurrently.
    270 Rounds fired. 50 Yards or 25 yard Slow Fire, 25 Yards Timed Fire, Rapid Fire.
    Target NRA 50 Yards or 25 yard Slow Fire. NRA 25 yard Timed Rapid Fire.
    misc Eye and ear protection required to enter the firing line.
    Pistols are required to be cased when entering the front door of range. MVS has loaner cases available.
    Case/uncase and handle pistols on firing line only.
    Handle ammunition, load magazines on firing line only.
    Pistol safety flags are required during this match, Limited number Safety Flags available at firing line.

    Recommended kit: stapler and staples, spotting scope, white target pasters or tape, extra rounds for alibi strings, your lunch. See:

    Range can be chilly, dress accordingly.
    All cell phones, pagers, other sound-producing devices must have the sound turned off.
    Changes to this program may be made at the discretion of the Match Director.
    The Match Director also reserves the right to alter the schedule in accordance with weather, range, or other conditions.
    No responsibility will be assumed by MVS for any loss or damage on or in the vicinity of the range, or on MVS property.

    Shooters may fire 22LR OR compete in NRA 2700 Match.
    Match 1: Rimfire match is 22 LR only.
    Match 2: Centerfire match is any centerfire 32 Caliber or larger.
    Match 3: 45 Caliber match is any 45 caliber pistol
    MATXH 4: Aggregate Score of Match 1,2,3.
    Any sights are permitted. Pistol will need to hold minimum of 5 rounds.
    MVS Range ammunition and caliber limitations are in effect.
    Ammunition: Any Safe ammunition. 270 Rounds minimum required.

    We will fire Rimfire and Centerfire to commence at 09:00AM, break 30 minutes for lunch, fire the last 45 CAL. Target time to have range cleaned up is 3:00 PM.
    Safety Safety is paramount. Use of ear and eye protection, and safety flags is mandatory. There will be strict adherence to safety rules and range commands at all times. Anyone believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in violation of safety rules, or acting disorderly will be told to leave.
    Lead is nasty, follow all hygiene rules in regards to lead toxicity abatement.
    Point of Contact David Allen PH 907.230.2910

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    Saturday Feb 23 Next Match


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      Saturday February 22!


      Saturday March 28!


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