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  • springfield 10 XDM

    Does anyone on here have one of these? Trying to decide if its worth pursuing instead of a Glock.

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    Well, I don't have the Springfield XDM in 10mm, but I do have other Springfields XD and an XDS mod 2 and Really like them. I have never personnaly like the glocks (it must be the looks of them) but I do like what I call the glock trigger. I hope to obtain one of the new Springfield HellCats when they reach my price threshold. Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth.


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      Xdm 10

      I have a Glock 20 and a Springfield XDM 10 MM 4.5" , I think I prefer the XDM 10 still in the Honeymoon stage though.

      Accessories for the XDM 10 are hard to find like holsters, prefer the loaded round indicator, and the grip safety and seems more accurate. One thing on the XDM and my buds with 15 rds mag release is to stiff to operate, you either have to push up on mag or go to 14 in mag not something I would want my wife to do as she frequently carries one for bears, concerned about a AD.


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        Thanks for the feed back!


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          Sportsmans had these on sale for 499 last week so now I have one . I like it so far. it feels better in my hand that a G20.


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            I bought one when they came out and I love it. I have not had a single failure with it after hundreds of rounds. Like others have said, it feels better in my hand than the Glocks do.


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              I prefer the grip and trigger to a g20. I own neither though, and run a ruger 1911 in 10mm. That said if the xdm 10 was out when I was purchasing I may have gone that route instead.


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