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  • Handgunning for Moose

    For a couple years I've had a hankering to handgun for Moose. Leave the the .06 at the house. I have a Ruger Super BlackHawk 44mag, open sights at this point. Anyone have any advice for me? Scope or not? I like the idea of open sights but scopes have advantages. How about loads? I am thinking last week of season and be patient and calling.

    I'd love to hear any handgun hunting stories.
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    I've taken a couple of moose with a handgun. One was taken with a T/C Contender chambered in 430 JDJ shooting a 325 grain LFNGC Beartooth Bullets. Another was taken with a DE chambered in 41 magnum loaded with the old Sierra TMJ 220 grainer. Third moose was taken with a Ruger Blackhawk in 45 Colt loaded with 370 grain Cast Performance LFN at 55 yards. The moose taken with the 430 JDJ was taken at 60 yards with a Texas heart shot. Bullet penetrated the length of the moose and was found in the chest cavity. The moose taken with the DE was taken at 17 yards and shot right between the eyes. Only the T/C Contender was wearing optics.


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