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  • LBT Believer!

    So I have been out of control with my bullet mold buying this year, but I finally scored a real LBT bullet mold. On eBay I found an LBT 453 325 WFNPB for a reasonable price, casts nice, and the bullets sized and lubed weigh 340grs from my alloy. I shot a handful I had managed to cast up after cleaning the crap out of the mold, and holy moly are they accurate. After shooting a fouling shot , this was the result;
    Click image for larger version

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    This is the bullet;
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    I like the profile/shoulder on that bullet...looks just like the 400g .454 round from Double Tap.

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      Nice! What's your load and what gun?

      I too have a 45 LBT mould. 355gr wf that will shoot a clover leaf at 100yds. 1200fps, 45 Colt. I managed it once, not sure I could do it again!
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        Gun is an FA 454, load was 21grs of 2400, should be at or near 1200fps. Going to try some HS6 as well for the same velocity target.


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          I have had Veral (LBT) build a couple molds and they turned out fantastic. I swithed over to his blue lube also and have notice a significant differance over the other lube I was using. And he is just plain good people to work with and talk to.
          Both for the 460 and both far more accurate than I can ever appreicate.
          They are pricy, but well worth it!


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            Whne I run out of my current lube, I am going to switch to LBT Blue. I don't think this will be my last LBT mold.


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