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  • Glock question

    Hello all; has anyone on the forum installed a GHOST ROCKET trigger control connector on their firearm.? What did it accomplish as far as trigger pull, over travel and reset. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    There are different weight trigger springs and there may be some faster reset but won't effect over-travel to an noticeable extent. All the trigger kits either reduce or increase trigger pull weight. As a former Glock armorer I suggest you stay with stock or a 5 lb for defensive carry, 3.5 for target can do very well with the stock trigger with some practice dry firing and then time with ammo at the range. NYPD learned to use the 8 lb very well and have very few problems. FBI requires stock trigger for their agents for good reason.
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      The trigger connector is what cams the trigger bar down and out of engagement with the tail of the firing pin. The lighter weight connectors reduce the angle of the downward cam. Typically you will use the stock spring. The factory glocks, except the long slide guns, are equipped with stock springs and 5 pound connectors. Installing an aftermarket "light" connector will bring the weight of pull down to about 3 1/2 pounds. The "break" or letoff will become a little "mushy" as well. Some of the aftermarket connectors have an overtravel stop, and may need fitting. I've never seen a difference in reset. Remember to put a small dab of grease or anti-seize on the cam surface.
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        I have one and thought about putting it in one of my Glocks, as I shot a Glock 35 on the range and it was sweet compared to standard Glock triggers. Then I got to thinking about why I like Glocks in the winter. They are more forgiving then my 1911 and Browning HP with gloves and cold hands and don't feel as cold to my hands when left in the truck during winter. So it is not installed on a gun for fighting with bad guys. A little trivia here. When NYPD went to Glocks they had over 35 negligent discharges in their locker room in a very short time, good grief! So a heavy trigger was not a substitute for incompetence and poor training. The knuckle heads in the suits also limited them to 10 round magazines.


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          I sure don't know guns like Gunbugs does. But, if you spend enough time on You Tube you will find a bunch of information on Glock triggers and connectors and after market replacement parts. You Tube is also full of a bunch of baloney so sort through the information. I think if I was replacing a connector I would go with the 3.5 lb. Double Diamond connector.


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            Just a little polishing with a fine stone on the sear parts will do wonders for the Glocks. Just be careful to not change any angles. I don't mind a heavy or even a longer pull as on the Glock type triggers but I hate a crunchy or mushy trigger.


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              I love the 3.5 lb disconnect, shot thousands of rounds with them. I bought Glock O.E.M. ones and loved them, no reason to buy any other disconnect.
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                I tried what some call the 25 center trigger job. It didn't make it satisfactory for me. So, I tried a Ghost connecter and it helped but still wasn't what I wanted. So, I bought and installed a Zev Tech Fulcrum fully adjustable trigger and it brought the trigger the closest to what I want.

                Now I see Glock may begin selling a new 10mm 6 inch longslide model called the "40" which may also be milled for a reflex site. We should know for sure at this years Shot Show.


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