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  • ruger or taurus

    i've been looking at the taurus 44 tracker, does anyone have any info on this gun? it sure is light and compact, nice little carry gun. can it handle full bore loads? the new 4" ruger sure looks good too. i just like the idea of a $450 gun i can use and abuse, makes the taurus appealing. never owned a taurus. what about the 5 shots?

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    i prefer my ruger super blackhawk 5.5in. 44mag. i shoot 320gr. corbon hardcast loads. i have friends who own taurus's they like them.


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      I have both taurus and ruger revolvers, and IMHO, they both make good guns.

      If you plan to shoot the gun alot, I'd go with the Ruger, if you plan to shoot it occasionally I'd go with the Taurus.
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        does anyone have any info on the taurus tracker 5 shot? i know it's built on a 357 frame. i'm just wondering if it can handle the heavy loads


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          I think the quality of the Taurus revolvers has become better over the last few years. That being said, if I were going to depend on a gun in a potentially life threatening situation, I'd rather go for what I know, which is that the Ruger single or double action guns are super strong and reliable. Any gun that is built on a relatively small frame, which requires a reduction in chambers to maintain a reasonable level of strength for the cartridge it is chambered for, to me, leaves something to be desired when using heavy loads.


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            I looked very hard at getting a 44 Special Tracker for a belt carry gun, and decided against it as I put a goodly number of rounds through my firearms. I settled on a S&W Mountain Gun in 44 Magnum instead. It's slightly larger than the Tracker in both actual size & weight, yet still easy to carry on the belt, and will hold up to regular shooting.

            The Tracker is meant to be carried a lot and shot a little. They are too light to stand up to lots of shooting, particularly with full house loads. Because the Tracker is so light, it will also be difficult to master with those loads.

            The larger framed Taurus handguns are something else entirely. I had one of their 6.5" 44 Magnums, and it rivaled the Ruger Redhawk for strength. I think it could have doubled as a tent stake hammer.

            If the cost of a Mountain Gun or Redhawk is an issue, you might look at a 4-5/8" Ruger Blackhawk (not the Super Blackhawk) in 41 mag or 44 mag for packing. This is a highly under-rated pack gun, but I sure don't know why. Not as sexy as a stainless steel double action, I guess. It's reasonably light & compact, rugged, accurate, and pretty darn reasonably priced. Drop in a Wolff Spring Kit and if you like, replace the little grip panels with a set of Pachmyers, and you will be set.

            Had one in 41 Mag and sold it to a buddy. Wished I hadn't as it was a wonderful carry gun. Just shoved the holster back behind my hip and forgot it was there unless I needed it. Accounted for several deer with that bellygun...


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              .41 Mag alternative

              Yeah, the .41 Mag with heavy bullets is an underestimated combo. You can safely and efficiently use 265-300 grain bullets at almost .44 mag ballistics with flatter trajectory and excellent penetration with a bit less recoil. There is actually little difference between ..41 mag and .44 mag diameters, .410 to .430 inches. They both make good back-up guns.


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                tarus tracker

                I have a smith 629 with a 3 1/2", ruger blackhawk with a 9 1/2, and a tarus tracker with a 4". The tarus has a shorter cylinder than most 44 mags and wont take some factory loads. So far I have found it wont take Hornady 300 gr jhp/xt or Buffalo bore 340 grain, or alaska bachpacker 300gr Sierra jsp. The factory ammo is longer than the cylinder. It will take Alaska backpacker 320 hard cast. I got a good deal on mine and didnt know about the limitations when I bought it. No regrets though it is my third 44. I think I would look at a smith 629 or a ruger if it was going to be your cary gun for bears.
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                  Taurus Tacker

                  I've shot nothing but Hornady 300 gr jhp through my tracker without any problems. I bought it brand new in november and haven't had any problem with those rounds. When did you buy yours wolfkiller I'm wondering if its something they fixed at the factory due to complaints about the issue and now are able to take this factory loads


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                    I bought mine second hand from my brother in law. He bought it new at sportsmans warehouse about a year ago. They would of had to make the cylinder longer to fix the problem as it will not even close with these rounds in it.
                    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.



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                      I don't know about the longer cylindar, but like you said they must have cause I've had no issues with my tracker and that round. Sorry to hear about that.


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                        Ruger SBH

                        If you need to digest heavy loads the Ruger Super Black Hawk is excellent. The SW 29/629 is a great gun, but will not stand up to heavy loads for very long. The Tarus not even in the picture!

                        I have the 4 5/8" Barrel Ruger excellent pack gun.


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