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  • glock 21sf to 10mm

    alright guys, I finally got to shoot a glock 20 it was an sf and im pretty sure i like the slim frame feel over the fullsize grip. problem is this being fairbanks i cant find a G20 sf for sale. and wait time is anywhere from 6weeks to 6 months. so ive read on here in a couple of places that you can put a 10mm barrel in a G21 .45 which ive found in a sf here in town. so does anyone know how well that conversion works i figure ill need a barrel, mags, and recoil springs. my main worry is of course reliability with the setup, also curious if i can swap in a .40 conversion barrel into the 21 like you can with the 20. the option for 3 or more cartridge swap would be awesome if it would be dependable. thanks for any info.


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    I've done it with a barrel, extractor and recoil spring, and I've done it where I buy a new slide and install all new parts. I haven't had problems with either as far as reliability goes. I'd get a drop in barrel from Lone Wolff and I think they carry all the other parts as well. I'm getting my .40cal drop in barrel next month then I have 3 caliber choices which is nice being in Alaska as you never know whats going to be available. Make sure you get mags that are compatible with the SF platform as the old mags will not work as they don't have the ambi mag release notch in them. or

    Hope this helps



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      A 10mm barrel, a 20-24 pound spring and a 10mm magazine is all you need. I have shot a couple hundred rounds like that in my G20 parts in my G21 and had zero issues. I know others that have shot thousands of rounds like that and say they have had no problems. So, from my experience I would have no fear of converting a G21 to 10mm with just a G20 pipe/spring/mag myself. I donít know about SF or any others but a G20 pipe will fit in a G21 just fine.

      However, Glock does make them with different bolt faces and Iíd assume they do this for reliability reasons. So I suspect there could be some G21s that would have issues extracting 10mm, why else would Glock make the bolt diferant. Even so I would still do it and would not have gotten a G20 if I knew at the time how easy it is to convert a G21.

      40 S&W in a G21 I donít know about, I doubt any of Glockís 40 S&W parts will fit in a G21 because they are of different frames. There may be a conversion barrel out there though . . . the 10mm magazine will feed 40 and the 45 spring should be about right I think.
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        I have successfully converted my 3rd gen., Glock G30 to 10mm. I used a KKM conversion barrel with Wolff 21lb recoil springs on a Wolff Stainless rod. I stayed with the .45 extractor but modified it a bit with some directions from KKM (not a big deal. Took me 5 minutes). Some people have tried to use the extractor from a 10mm Glock. That is NOT recommended by KKM and from I've read of other people trying to convert to 10.

        That .45 Glock platform (G21, G30), lets you have the possibility of shooting .45acp. 10mm, .45 super, 400 Corbon and 40 Super. That should keep you busy for a while. My 10mm has been 100% reliable, but I've only put about 200 rounds through it, so far. I shot factory 200gr and 220gr wfngc hardcast from Double Tap.


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          right on, thanks for the info guys, i believe thats the way im gonna go. get more bang for my buck so to speak


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