Dan wesson, kimber, les Baer.....




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  • Dan wesson, kimber, les Baer.....

    High quality 1911? Which do you prefer and why? I am a rifle shooter so I need help here. I have owned many revolvers and semi .22 pistols and even a Desert Eagle. But I have no experience on 1911 style pistols. Looking at 10mm or 45 and shooting mild loads to max loads. Can 1 auto pistol do all that without changing components?

    It is nice to know that there are "ALASKANS" out there, no matter where they live.

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    I have a Kimber in 10MM that shoots 10 shot groups of 2 5/8" at 55 yards. (Me is moocho happy with that).
    ALASKA is a "HARD COUNTRY for OLDMEN". (But if you live it wide'ass open, it is a delightful place to finally just sit-back and savor those memories while sipping Tequila).


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      I believe Moderator Murphy owns a Les Baer pistol and has probably shot it a bit. If he does not jump in here send him a PM and see what he recommends. Les Baer 1911's are probably at or near the top of the 1911 family. Just bring lots of cash with you when you go to buy one. Years ago we got my son-in-law one of the early Kimber 1911 Govt. Models, since he had the nerve to take my beloved daughter from me I explained to him his responsibility to protect her. It is a very good pistol and shoots better then we can. Seems like about every major manufacture is making a 1911 .45 pistol. The full size 10mm pistol round has impressive ballistics for a pistol round, yet for what I want a pistol for the .45 is my personal choice.


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        Owning 3 1911's certainly makes me no expert. I think Murphy has quite a bit of knowledge and experience with them. From what I have learned, all 1911's are not created equal just like any weapon. Keep in mind you do get what you pay for in the top end models with features like forged slides and frames, target grade barrel, had fitted, non-mim parts, but you will pay a premium for this. There are many good quality production guns out there as well, Kimber, Springfield, Colt, and the list goes on and on. Most of the major brand name 1911's from Mil Specs on up to the highest end custom shop guns will all get the job done so it just depends on what you want. For what it's worth, Dan Wesson makes a very high quality 1911 and gives a lot of the top features for less money than the top end makers (Wilson, Brown, Baer, Nighthawk) but they are still quite pricy. I have a Dan Wesson Valor at the top of my wish list. I can't complain about my Kimber and the service it has given me either. For the most part, you can separate 1911's into the production class guns and the custom hand built guns. At that point, it becomes a Dodge, Ford, Chevy debate as everyone has their favorite.

        You should have no problems shooting mild target loads to full power defense loads out of the same 1911, or at least I have not encountered that in my three 45's. A 10mm might be a slightly different beast if you plan to shoot the heavy full power hunting loads, but it would probably only involve a heavier recoil and firing pin spring. I would think as set up from the factory, you would be fine.

        The 1911 is a fine design and it seems the variety of makers and models keeps increasing each year.


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          the best 1911 I have owned was my dan wesson (cz made) pointman 7 in 10mm. That was a great gun! I have owned kimbers, and a super expensive custom (which was the worst)


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            From what I've read ( I am no means a 1911 expert ), Kimber and Les Baer dont really belong in the same sentence.

            That said, I'd love to own any one of those!! For the average everyday guy, I'd say pick your flavor and finish and run with it...
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              I am a 1911 fiend, definitely my favorite pistols. I have owned several Springfields, a Colt and a Kimber. Right now I still have a Springfield micro, and the Kimber.

              By far the Kimber is my favorite. It has many features of the high end custom guns but is much more affordable. This is my carry gun, it rides nicely in a Milt Sparks IWB holster, is dehorned no sharp edges, aluminum frame, and the round grip is nice. I have always liked the bobtail design, so this is close. 1800 rounds of 200g hard cast hand loads without a single malfunction, I am 100% happy with this gun.

              Les Baer is in another league all together with nighthawk, Wilson combat and Ed Brown , they are high end custom guns built one at a time, and the price reflects that, you definitely are going to pay for that level of craftsmanship.

              I would look at what you want to spend, and what features are important to you. You can't go wrong with Springfield, Colt, Kimber, Sig and the list goes on, any reputable maker that has been building them for a while should serve you well. Ruger just came out with one as well...if you are a ruger guy. As said above there are many choices, the 1911 is a great gun.


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                Thanks for the responses It is appreciated. I am finding that the more I get into pistols the more the wife wants to shoot. It started out as I need to carry if she goes out in the woods with me(I hadn't carried a handgun in 15 years or a rifle when I was not hunting) to what should we get next. I have a Glock 20 that she bought me ( she has bought herself her own handguns)so I don't have to carry a rifle everywhere, but I am now I am interested in finding out what else is out there. I like to have a safety on a pistol which is why I am leaning to a 1911 style. ( why I do not know because I have never used my safety on my rifle as I never carried a round in the chamber)

                I must confess I added the .45 as a disclaimer to those that say a 10mm is to light to carry in the woods. I will add background now as I have some responses to the quality and functionability of the 1911s. I only camp in areas that bears are hunted. They are not populated campgrounds and the bears are scared of humans. I have spent all my life in the woods and have had only one encounter and it was not that dangerous due to where I spend my time in the woods. If I am worried about bears due to the other people in the area I carry my rifle. I would like to hunt with a 10mm pistol and the wife likes the glock so I might be able to get a new one. I will be shooting full power rounds as well as low power rounds for 2 footed predators. My kids are my primary meat getters now so my only shooting at moose or caribou will be close and with a pistol if it ever happens at all. Opportunity not need. The 10mm is more than adequate IMHO. With that being said I am not worried about bears it is just that it colors soo many peoples opinion it changes their opinion about what one needs as a gun PISTOL OR RIFLE. Did not need to add this last paragraph but I like to be honest even if a fibbed a bit in my opening post.

                It is nice to know that there are "ALASKANS" out there, no matter where they live.


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