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Any Iver Johnson experts?

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  • Any Iver Johnson experts?

    My sister and brother in law gave me an Iver Johnson revolver they recently aquired through their auction business. I guess I'm really trying to figure out how old it is. Through the Google/Wikipedia I've already got that they were considered "suicide guns". And that a president and senator have been killed by one. Mine is a .32, top break, 5-shot with a serial number of F46074. Under the grip it has a flat spring as opposed to a coil spring. It also has a transfer bar, something they called "hammer the hammer" feature back when it was made. Just not sure exactly when that was. It has a hammer and was called a safety automatic (transfer bar/shell ejector). It is DA/SA and after a little cleaning and lubrication seems to work well still. Any help?

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    I'm no expert, but did some research on an Iver Johnson for a friend. Sad to say I didn't save any links, but there are several collector sites out there that might be helpful. IJ imported a blizzard of models over the years, and you will certainly need to go to the guys that have seen the most to zero in on your model. Just be glad it's not an IJ double barrel shotgun like I was researching. Holy cow, were their names and model variations ever a morass!
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      I have found good answers to this type of question in the "Ask the Pro's and What's it Worth" sub-forum at
      the Firearms Forum, and they actually have an Iver Johnson sticky describing the location or the 'real' serial number.
      Good luck,


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        I guess this is to be expected when the company makes firearms, bicycles, motorcycles and others. And I know a lot of machine companies did this once. I know the serial number I have is good, removed the grips to get to it. The fact that it's a .32 with a hammer narrows it down some more. The type of latch for the break at the top even more. It's a neat handgun none the less.
        Thanks for the advice so far.


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