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Chest holster for Ruger Alaskan 454 ?

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  • Chest holster for Ruger Alaskan 454 ?

    Just picked up my Ruger Alaskan 454 (2in barrel). Anybody know of a good chest holster for this gun? All I can seem to find are made for 4" barrels. Would these 4" chest holsters work well for the 2" Alaskan? An associate at SW said the 4" chest holsters work fine, but, I'd like to know if any of you have any ideas/recommendations for a chest holster for this model?


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    Go here:

    Order the holster that you want for your gun, and then order the chesty puller conversion to make it a chest holster. I did this for S&W backpacker and it works like a charm.


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      Well Daveís Guides Choice is a very good option
      Or Rob at Simply Rugged makes some good stuff, heís not in Wasilla now though, moved to Arizona.
      Or find someone like me to take a mold right off your gun and make whatever you want.
      Or swing by Tandy and get the stuff to make your own, itís not that hard and a lot of fun. There are servile guys here that make their own and are helpful. I have been doing leather work for a very long while as a side line and would be happy to give you pointers.
      On the web=
      Call/Text 602-315-2406
      Phoenix Arizona


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        I have the Guides Choice with speedloader pouches and cartridge loops from Diamond D for a 4" Redhawk and couldn't be happier with it.

        Coolest part is I can still carry my people eater concealed IWB while carrying the Redhawk.
        Now what ?


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          My only comment is that I tried an "Alaska Sportsman" chest holster with my Ruger Alaskan. It was listed as being made for 2-3" large frame revolvers. I didn't care for it at all for two reasons:

          1. It was essentially the same size as the 4" model holster, so I didn't really save any space (the point of the stubby barrel after all, right?)

          2. A fast draw with the goofy retention buckle was really tough. You need your support hand and fine motor skills to defeat system and then the retention buckle would often snag the hammer.

          That's just my experience with the one chest holster. I have also used the Simply Rugged chest holster with a different gun and found the quality to be high and the presentation to be reasonably fast. HOWEVER, it was not designed for people with medium/small chests (have you seen a picture of the guy?) I had to cut a good 12" off the straps and re-punch new holes for the buckles on his Chesty Puller. I never was able to modify the belt tie down piece to actually be short enough.

          When all was said and done I went back to a good belt and an strong side thumb break holster. If I wanted to try another chest holster, the "Guides Choice" would be the one I would buy.



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            I'm thinking about try my hand at making my own out of kydex for my 5" superredhawk 454. If it works out I'll post some pictures.


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              Dave's are awesome!!!
              I have such a hard time trying to decide which outdoor activity to do every chance I get!! Living in AK is a mental challenge


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                Definitely Dave's. Will customize to your gun.



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                  I can't say enough about my Diamond D chest holster for my S&W 460 Magnum. Just can't imagine what would be a better holster for this very heavy hand gun. Dave probably has one already made up to fit your Ruger but if not it won't take him long to make one.



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                    Originally posted by mfletcher View Post
                    Go here:

                    Order the holster that you want for your gun, and then order the chesty puller conversion to make it a chest holster. I did this for S&W backpacker and it works like a charm.
                    I have a simply rugged holster and i love it!! He gets my nod for any holsters i need in the future. Great people to do business with. He also made me a holster for my Anaconda as well as my Ruger Alaskan.


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