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A little love for the Ruger P97

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  • A little love for the Ruger P97

    My first pistol, purchased on my 21st birthday (more years ago than I'd like to admit) was a Ruger P97 from Freddies in Soldotna for $350.00. It's ugly, clunky, and utterly accurate and reliable.

    Last year, on a trip back from my cabin, I couldn't find the **** thing anywhere. I was sure that I grabbed it before leaving the cabin, but several return trips later, it was just gone. I figured it must have been lost on the trail somewhere, and picked up.

    This morning, I'm doing a spring service on the Yamaha Rhino, and there's about a foot of dried mud under the driver's seat. I start picking at it with a screwdriver, pulling chunks of mud out. Low and behold, one unusually large chunk of mud comes out with the barrel of my P97 sticking out of it. Holy Crap.

    I did a quick check for barrel obstructions, and for grins and giggles- popped of 8 rds of golden sabers that were loaded into it over a year ago. Not a single malfunction.

    This thing was TOTALLY encrusted with mud... I had to run it under hot water for 5 minutes prior to disassembly for cleaning. Other than one little spot of rust which wiped off of the ejector, it's as good as new. (well scratched all to heck, but that's just the way I use it)

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    I love a happy ending! =)


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