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bought a basic handgun....value?

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  • bought a basic handgun....value?

    A friend mentioned he had a Colt .45 D.A. revolver, white plasic grips, 4.5" barrel. clean finish w/ a bit of cylinder movement not near yet causing lead shaving..
    I looked at it; it is an originally blued gun that is now nickel plated.
    shoots well w/no cylinder lash, nice, clean pistol. offered the price as $150.00, including 9 loaded 250 grain cast bullet cartridges and a new box of 236 gr hp semi jacketed boolets for reloadong.
    I ascertained this was what he really wanted....shelled out $150..quickly.

    how do I determne vintage and what is approximate value if I advertise for sale down into the Tucson/Tombstone area? would make a good Cowboy Shooting gun.
    a tiny chip on the left lower grip corner. no holster.
    thank you, bill

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    What make and model is it? That's the starting point.
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      it is a COLT DA REVOLVER.
      know nothing else about.
      mid-barrel at 10-11 am is stamped COLT DA.

      i know not where the serial numbers nor anything else is located.
      thank you, BrownBear


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        I have seen a few. Does it look like this one?

        Cabelas has a pretty decent gun room or if Mandells is still in Scottsdale you can try there.


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          When checking for cyl lock up on Colt DAs you need to cock the gun and pull the trigger while holding the hammer. Let the hammer go forward a little and then check lock up as they don't lock until the trigger is pulled. Cowboy shooting doesn't allow DA revolvers. Don't know the value but it's got to be a lot more than $150.


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            THIS COLT IS CLEARLY MARKED COLT.45 DA. it has no serial numbers obvious to glance.


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              Since you’re in Mayer your best bet would be to head 35 miles over to Prescott and show it to the guys at G&J Sales. They know collector gun values inside out and are solid honest people.
              On the web=
              Call/Text 602-315-2406
              Phoenix Arizona


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