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    hello ive got a accuracy problem with a german weatherby( j saur i believe ) a couple years back on a elk hunt a slam dunk shot that was way off was the first indacation i was having issues so after a range session & 8 inch plus groups i started looking and found a crack in the stock i forgot to mention this is a mark 5 in 3oo wby . the crack was between thefloorplate & trigger guard & a slight crack in the wrist area so i glued it up good and no change?? Bought a new syn stock from wby its a piller bedded bell carlson and tourqued it like they said and no change??I started looking at my rings again i forgot to tell you i changed them out once already and no change??Then I started to suspect the scope a burris sig 2.5 x 12 sent it to burris yes somethings wrong with it I got a replacementand thought ok now she will shoot her little groups again and no change?? so next I suspected the crown so I researched that and did a home job with a larry potterfield vidieo from midway off to the range AND no change?? well its been frustrating its got the pencil barrel im thinking barrel ( not much left) ive heard they can whack a little off the throat and get another 800 rounds of accuarcy but for the money id probably be better to rebarrel??this gun is sentimental to me an old pard left it to me so i want to get her up a gunning any of you fellows got any advice or know somebodywho knows im about to send it to wby also if i rebarrel it im staying with the 300 cal cause of all the reloading gear i already have but will i still have to have the same jump as i do now ? thanks for listing to my whining rob

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    It is likely you fired the Weatherby with the bedding screws loose. That will crack the stock. A Germany Weatherby Mk V will shoot well when things are right. If you are actually shooting 8" groups there is likely some serious problem. Has the gun been well cared for?

    I have purchased several guns from folks that didn't shoot much better. I have found that a badly copper fouled barrel was the problem with most. You didn't say about the cleaning but that can do it.
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      hello & thanks for the reply i probably didnt write what i was really getting at but yes i cleaned it well with a variety of good products its my understanding its hard to shoot out a barrel but some of my more knowledgeable shooting friends told me they have warped theese thin barrels & i have warmed it up a couple times but i guess what i was really trying to ask is there anybody youd recomend to do a rebarrel weatherby said they would do it for 450 raw barrel which i have a couple other gun with raw barrels & that doesnt bother me im more go than show . iwas just looking for ideas thanks rob


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        You haven't "warped" your barrel. Barrels don't generally "warp". You would have to get one red hot and then put pressure on it to "warp" it. It is possible the throat is shot out. A german weatherby is 30+ years old to start with. If it has 3000+ rounds down the tube, then accuracy may suffer. Unless someone has kept a logbook on how many bullets have traveled down the barrel, just presume 100 per year, maybe less, maybe more, but its a good average. 450 or so to rebarrel is about right. Just screw a stainless barrel on it and skip worrying about a blue job. Stainless will usually last longer as far as barrel life goes anyway. The things that matter are throat, clean bore, and crown. Then bedding. Floated or with a pressure point depends on the individual stock/barrel combination. All fasteners/screws should be tightened carefully, and with even pressure.
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