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Ithaca model 37 pump action problems

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  • Ithaca model 37 pump action problems

    My 37 wont load shells from the magazine. First chambered shell fires, I pump hard and the spent round ejects no problem, but it wont pull another round from the magazine. Any suggestions? I notice that the shell stop doesn't seem to be working (moving out of the way to release another shell) I took it apart and cleaned it (I thought that there might have been some dirt preventing proper action). It still doesn't eject. Every now and again it will, but rarely. the left shell stop is retained inside the left wall of the receiver by a small vertical screw in the older models which is what I have. It's this shell stop that's causing me problems. Is this tiny screw supposed to be set just so? I just tightened it. After I reassembled the gun, it worked again, for a short while, then same problem.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    The shell stop is operated by a cam on the bolt carrier. The bolt has to stroke all the way to the rear for this to operate correctly. If the buttstock screw is protruding too far into the receiver, it may prevent rearward travel of the bolt. It has to eject before feed, so the feed happens at the far rear of the stroke, hence the ejection works but feed doesn't. Look for other interference points in the far rearward travel of the forend or bolt assy like a wood chip from the stock or a part out of place. There are probably wear marks from the forend on the magazine tube, check if the forend still travels as far back as the old wear marks, or if it stops short. The shell stop pivot screw is probably fine, just as long as it isn't falling out.
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      Thanks for the tip, I'll look closer at the butt stock screw and the for-end travel. I'll let you know if it helped.
      Much appreciated.


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        Well, the butt stock screw is not the problem. It appears that the shell stop is not retreating back into the groove to release the new round out of the magazine....and I can't figure out why. I took it apart thinking there was gunk behind the shell stop, but it was clean. I'm at a loss.


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          Where are you located? I'm in Sterling. I've got a model 37 if you'd like to do a side by side comparison of the two guns.
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