Barrel very slightly offcenter in stock...



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  • Barrel very slightly offcenter in stock...

    will try to add a couple of pics but you might not be able to see the difference. Just bought this Ruger 6mm in a McMillan stock; haven't even put a scope on it yet. Wondering if this will make a difference if scope is sighted in, or should I rework the fit/have a smith do it? Appreciate any suggestions.

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    Try loosening the three screws that hold the action the the stock just a little, not all the way out. Put pressure on the barrel to center it in the stock and retighten the screws.

    The front screw on Ruger's goes to 95 inch pounds, that 's about 8 foot pounds and the two trigger guard screws are about half of that value.

    Make sure that the trigger guard has rearward pressure before you tighten it or your floor plate will have binding pressure and wont release when you push the button.

    Good luck,

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      Shoot it first

      Put a scope on it and shoot it. If it's all over the paper, try to re-bed the stock. If it prints nice groups, you're halfway there...Now you need to shoot it enough to get the barrel hot to the touch. Not fingerprint-melting, glowing white, able to see the bullet pass through it hot :eek:, but hot enough that it's very uncomfortable to touch the barrel with your bare hand. Take careful aim again and shoot another 3-5 round group. If the group is generally centered around the point of aim (even though it's slightly larger than a clean, cool barrel) the stock is fine and shouldn't give you any problems. If the group center is pushed 1MOA or greater in any direction, I'd try to re-bed the stock as it's putting pressure on the action somewhere causing a shift in the point of impact.
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        The stock is not square to the receiver mounting area. Have a GS fix it.
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          I see it, it's not bedded right and won't shoot like that I bet. Take it and have it bedded or bed it yourself if the other stuff don't work for you. I wonder if this was why it was sold:confused:
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            Thank all of you very much for the advice. Being up here in Barrow and 700 miles from a GS I might have to shoot it first and also try Marshall's advice. If these don't work it will definitely go to a smith. thanks again.


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              Wherever the barrel touches the stock, it you don't want it bearing unevenly on one side. Also, it shouldn't touch where it shouldn't touch. That depends on whether it's free floated, or uses forend pressure.

              If it is get some sand paper and relieve it.

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                I bought a used 700rem that shot 6to8" patterens. Someone had put a cheap plastic stock on it that didn't fit well. When I pulled the stock, it was pushing rather heavily on one side. Got out the sand paper and floated the barrel. 2" groups. Put a pressure point between the barrel and the front of the stock and 5/8" to 3/4" groups. Start out making sure the stock doesn't touch the barrel and test fire. If it still doesn't shoot, then shim a little pressure on the barrel. If it still doesn't shoot, then bed the action and retry with and without the pressure point. One of those options should make it group well.


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