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    I have a Vanguard in .375 Taylor. I need to shed some weight on the barrel if possible. The barrel is 23 inches long. The muzzle mikes at .707. Eleven inches up from the chamber mikes .806. At the chamber it mikes 1.247. Anyone have any idea if the barrel can be fluted or slab sided? Any idea of the weight that can be taken off? Suggestions for a gunsmith?

    Sorry about the long post. First time for this old man to do so.


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    The barrell sounds like it can be fluted. I'm not sure what the weight reduction would be.
    Your might reduce weight by going to lighter rings and mounts,a lighter scope, fluteing the bolt. Lightening or replaceing the stock is a possibility.
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      Originally posted by 222R View Post
      Sorry about the long post. First time for this old man to do so.

      Just wanted to say welcome aboard and if that was a long post then I, for one, won’t mind if you write us a novel or two!

      As for your gun I wonder if you have looked around for a new barrel that has the fluting already done to replace the one you have. I would fear that cutting your used barrel may not work out very well and there is no going back as well as the fact new may be cheaper than the shop time. It takes a lot of time for the machinist to jig up for a one off job like this, same as a shop doing a run of 1000 parts so the cost gets spread out more. Also the shop that is running 1000 will tune things in better and often make better and more consistent parts than the one off job, even if it’s all done by the same machinist.

      Not to say it won’t work out just great for you, it may very well, just sharing some of my knowledge as a former machinist. As well as pointing out there may be other ways to go in case you have not thought of them.
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        Well making a lot of assumptions here, as I do not know how deep a barrel can be fluted.

        Assuming: 8 flutes from mussel to where the diameter increases for the chamber, on my 06 this is 16". Also, assuming that the flutes would be 3/32" radius and 3/32" deep.

        I have no idea if these are good numbers but they should not be too far off and give an idea of weight removed.

        Ignoring the curve of the barrel which will incease the weights somewhat. I get 1.77 cubic inches of steel removed which would be 0.50 lbs of weight reduction.

        Given that there are a lot of assumptions in the calculations the real number will be slightly different but I would be amazed if it was different by more then a factor of 2.


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          Barrel Mod

          Thanks guys. Looks like to me it is going to have to be a re-barrel job.

          The rifle weights 8.4 pounds with open sights. That is just not do-able for me.



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            Before you get the rifle much lighter ask yourself:

            Do you really want to shoot a lightweight 375 anything? I once owned a Rem 700 in 375 H&H that weighed under 7 pounds without a scope and the recoil and muzzle lift was way up there. Also had a Rem 700 in the 375 Taylor that weighed about 7 1/2 pounds empty with receiver sights and it was brutal as well. Both have been sold if that tells you anything and I really enjoy shooting the bigger bores.


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