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Anyone recently use a Boyds Laminated stock?

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  • Anyone recently use a Boyds Laminated stock?

    I was wondering how good the Boyds laminated stocks were and if anyone has played around with one recently????

    I have yet to see one in person.

    Still playing with stock options for the 416 Taylor.
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    Boyd's supplies nearly all the major firearm companies with laminated blanks or stocks. I haven't heard any negative feedback on laminated stocks.


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      I have a Boyds custom laminated thumbhole stock on my 416 Rigby Encore and I like it alot. Have you checked out Stocky's Stock website. They have a lot of stocks and some great prices. I have bought stuff from them several times.


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        Have one

        I picked one up from Stockys a few months ago for my 300WSM. Needed a little bit of work to get everything lined up right but wound up getting it bedded as well. Im real happy with mine.

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          I have a Boyds on my NHM-91, and love it.

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            Boyds on a Win-88

            It fit pretty close, and I ran out of time so took it to a guy that works on them. It did not take him much time to inlet it and relieve the places that needed to be. I did the finish on it when I got it back.
            I think it looks good and as yet see zero problems in the quality.


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              I have 2 of there stocks, on both of them the barrel channel was slightly of center but not bad at all, doesn't affect the performance one bit. Overall a very nice stock.


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                I have one on my 358 Norma mag and one on my 30-338... Both seem to be fine... as of right now I'm trying to find one more ruger action and I will build a 375-338, 416 taylor and another 323 hollis... Once I do I plan on using boyd laminated stocks.. Also will go with stainless barrels as well... Yes I'm a wildcat nut...


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                  I too have one on a custom 358 Norma I built last fall. They are a bit bulky for my taste from the factory, but I bought mine unfinished and reshaped it as well as hollowed the butt for weight reduction. Now it fits and feels just right. The laminate quality and color consistency were good. The inletting was pretty close (it was a VIP) for my commercial mauser. I just had to do a little tweaking to get it just right. The only place that was off was the floor plate recess was a little large. I filled it with bedding compound so it's no big deal but it would have been nice to have had the wood a little undersized so I could fit it.


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                    Just received 2. A Bolt thumbhole and a 700 ADL. Very nice stocks. Some minor fitting. I was impressed for the money. Roger


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