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  • concerning "choke tube adapters..."

    Any body have experience with these choke tube adapters. I've got a 20" barreled 12 gauge that currently has a "thin wall" tube in it. I don't like it, I find that the constriction happens all too soon, and the shot seems to be getting "jambed" together just before leaving the bore... NOT a good pattern for turkeys.
    The other draw back I find with the thin wall configuration is that I don't have the option for a rifled choke tube, which may or may not help stablize sabot style slugs out of the gun.

    I guess I'd like ANY experience you have had with "tube adapters,"

    Do they sweat on to the barrel... or thread on?
    Do they fit rather flush with the O.D., or do they look like a big "blob"?
    Are they "problematic" in any way..?

    Thank you, Scott

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    You need to see if you can find an after market extened choke tube from Carlson's or Briley that is threaded to fit your gun.

    There are so many options these days that you should be able to find a turkey choke that will work.

    For the slugs I would look for another barrel for your gun that is for shooting slugs. You will get better performance than another choke tube.


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