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  • Recomendations for rebarreling in Fairbanks

    I have a Interarms mark X in 30-06 with a barrel that looks like hell. I have tried multiple bullet types and loads but it will not consistently do better then a 3" group. The crown is clearly in poor shape. I have begone thinking about having it recrowned or barreled. I am not looking for match quality accuracy here, if I can get consistent 1.5 to 2" groups I will be happy.

    Is there anyone in Fairbanks anyone would recomend for a rebarrel or recrown?

    What am I looking at here $ wise, for labor not barrel costs?

    There is nothing I would like more then to do this work myself as I feel I have the ability, but I currently do not have a lathe or a place to put one. If the labor cost is to high I will likely just get another 06 and let this one be till I have a house and a lathe.

    PS has anyone done a rebarrel with short chambered barrels and a pull through reamer? I have been looking at Adams & Bennett barrels and renting a pull through reamer.


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    You might want to start taking first things first.

    If the barrel needs to be recrowned, then spend a hundred and get yourself a crown tool from Brownells. Take a brass screw and some lapping compound and finish your crown.

    See if this improves your groups.

    If not, then check your stock and make sure your barrel isn't rubbing from wood warpage. you can glas bed your action to stiffen things up.

    Trigger pull is another thing to check as is ammo.

    Lots of things to check before a complete rebarrel.
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      A bore scope look-see & cleaning would be my first order of business.


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        I have a bore scope and live off Badger road. Drop me a Pm if you want to take a look down your barrel.

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          I would clean the copper fowling and then lap the bore well with a lead lap cast onto a good swivel cleaning rod and valve grinding compound. Next would be to take off about an inch of muzzle to get back past cleaning rod damage (if there is any) and recrown it. After doing this look into any beading issues you may have and fix them. This stuff if a lot of work and time to do, but not much money for what you get. Back in the old days this was a common set of things people did to guns that start shooting a bit wild.

          Once all that stuff is done it should be a shooter and if not holding at least 2" at 100 yards with a dead cold barrel for every shot then you need some new pipe. Be sure you allow enough cool down between shoots that it is completely cool or you may be blaming the barrel for issues beyond its control so give it at least 15 minutes between shots.

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            Rebarrel recomendation

            If all else fails, take it to Doug Albright (Doug's Repair). Doug was the gunsmith at Down Under Guns for over 20 years. He knows what he is doing. I can give you his phone number if you email me.


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              Thanks for all the replies.

              I ended up recrowning myself, I figured it was worth a try. All the lands have rust pits but the last 1/4" was especially bad. I cut about 3/8" off the end of that barrel and used a square and a file to get the end as square as I could. I then used a ball shaped grinder on a drill to make a depression in the end. I then used a carriage bolt with some valve grinding compound to get rid of the scratches left by the grinder.

              It shoots much better now. My best group has been a 5 shot 7/8" group, plenty good for me. I think that the pitting in that last bit of rifling was causing flyers, since before it would put some rounds into a nice group and have a few flyers open the group up.

              I think I will keep this barrel for now it as it is doing good enough.

              Thanks for the offer of looking at it with a bore scope. I am not sure what it would tell me though since the barrel is so pitted to the eye.


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                That is a really good increase in accuracy. Good job!
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