Best way to put sling stud in synthetic stock?



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  • Best way to put sling stud in synthetic stock?

    I guess the title says it all. I tried on my 7400 to drill a hole as per directions for a wood stock. It busted out 2 crescent moon shapes around the hole when I screwed the stud in. I also used a bit of JB weld on the threads. Now I came across a Rem 870 with a sythetic stock and no studs. How shoul I go about this to minimize damage?



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    870 sling

    I drilled a small pilot hole in the pistol grip of my 870, then used one of the self tapping sling studs. This was a lot easier than trying to match the angle of the stock. I replaced the factory magazine cap with one of the butler creek caps that have the sling swivels on it.

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      I have drilled a few remington plastic stocks for studs. I have had some chip by the hole but I never had a chip that was larger than the head of the stud, so they end up being hidden. Sometimes I used some acra glas on the threads if there was some handy.
      Drill the smaller diameter hole deep--you can just go clean through into the hollow inside. Then drill the larger pilot hole 3/8-1/2" deep.
      Another option is to use a machine screw stud. Take the recoil pad off, drill clean through into the hollow, and use a nut on the inside.


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