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  • Pilks Rust bluing

    I've done some 3 floorplates/trigger guards and small fasteners, now the chemical rusting has done its job but..........it appears that the overall finish is not comletely even. Is this do to what I am doing in regards to using the carding brush and do you figure it would be better to use a soft polishing brush liken to what I have in my Dremel setup?

    I am content in thought that my skills are improving along with patience but.....it can definately be better. Thoughts?

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    This is what I use or my homemade stuff which is similar. Some comments: use either soft (pond/surface) or distilled water. When using well water with high mineral content, does not work! I have a wire wheel set up to run at about 1/4 the speed of the electric motor; it works well. Also, I use a minimum of 4 coatings/boiling/cardings. Sometimes with hard steels, like those that are heat treated or high chrome content, 14 coatings- don't make any money on those! Not sure where you are located but the relative humidity does effect it. Hope this helps. It is time consuming and you have to be a clean as a labatory but the results, in my opinion, are second to none. Good luck. J.


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      example 1: a new Williams pre-64 1 pc. floorplate/t.guard came out beautifully, 7 or 8 coats(gave up counting)

      example 2: an old VZ24 floorplate/t.guard in the white was "alright" after 10 coats/carding with Pilks but......."not" even in color.

      First off, have not accepted the thought of paying .70-.80cent to the POUND of excess that consists of 5 gallons of Distilled h2o with the air commuters. I sold myself on the idea that it might be possible to use the "Brita" treatd h2o along with the filtering process done prior to over at the water treatment plant here ...........more than likely the culprit.

      If it ever rains that would be a good supply and now just maybe if someone here knows otherwise perhaps clean snow from down on the river .. melted could work.

      I will try that out today or tomorrow.

      I see this to be a very very good long wearing finish if I can get a handle on the correct method.

      Melted Snow?



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        I am not suggesting you buy distilled water and don't get mad at me; I am trying to help you.

        Melted snow is the same as distilled water. When I wrote surface water, at one time I went to the creek and just got a couple of gals. It worked fine but my well water will not work at all.

        Since you are doing floor plates and they are taking a long time (many coats) I would almost believe your air is not humid enough. Can't help you there. J.


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          please don't take me wrong about spelling pound in large letters, it is to note that it is freighted at a high cost, as the yrs. go on it seems I get soaked every time I have something freighted up. Water is precious and have considered buying 5 gallons and shipped.......the thought still amazes me.

          Melted snow........ should work as you say.

          By the way your reference to humidity leaves me in curiosity as to where you reside.......Ketchikan? Now there is some humidity.

          Thanks for the pointers Old Rgr.

          best regards,


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            yes, Pilks intructions state from a black-blue color to a red rust. Have not ever seen a red rust which I tend to think is like what I have done with Laurels Mtn. Forge. Doing the shower stall trick right now with a wet towel on the bottom and a 8qt. pot of hot water, parts hanging upwards of 3 ft. & door is closed........mmmmmmh might work out. Lots of fresh snow melted is awaiting.

            thanks for the awareness


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              a further note for those that are taking note, although humidity was used it is apparent that the "red" rusting does not take place. It however showed more even black oxide than before but still no red rusting. About to boil it in melted snow h2o if you will and at this stage all coloring is more "even". I believe have a buffing wheel with a variable speed would work far better with a very fine brush but by hand and as far as a rusting proof finish and not by any means proffesional this is again another project that is turning out rather well....surprisingly.

              These niceties in the bush are great if one can afford everything as they go thru the learning stages.



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                Congratulations!!! It is nice when things work out. It is also my experience rust bluing lasts about 3x the hot dip. Take care. J.


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