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  • What Gun Coating?

    I am looking to get my Kimber Montana coated.I have talked to Birdsong a couple years back but he is usually hooked up with military contract.Any recomendation for other services out there.Looking for a high quality product and descent turnaround time.


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    i like duracoat, it take a few week before it fully cures, but you can use it lightly a few days after its done, 7.62 persicion in town sold me some for $22 and i did it to my shotgun, it your interested ill take some pictures and post them up. they offer a couple of hundred colors and can do custom designs or camo if you want too.


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      Originally posted by skateabrock View Post
      it your interested ill take some pictures and post them up.
      Believe me, we are ALL interested in your pictures. Lets see what you got!
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        Matte hard chrome by accurate plating in tennessee. Makes spray on finishes look stupid. Great service and reasonable turnaround. Just web search "Cogan Custom" or Accurate Plating and weaponry". Not the cheapest, just the best. Doesn't build a thickness the way spray on shake and bake finishes do. 100% salt spray resistant. bulletproof (pun intended).
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          Or… you could always make it look GOOD and send it out for high polish blue!
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            The nitride finish you can get at alaska custom firearms is really hard to beat.


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              The Montana is matte stainless, are you just looking for another color or what? Mine has held up very well over the last 3 years with lots of hard use in SE AK. I don't always take care of the rifle as well as I should and it is still looking good.

              I put up a similar thread a while back and had recommendations ranging from hot blue to spray paint. I am leaning toward Birdsong's Black-T, but I have not talked to him yet so I can't say for sure. The nitride finishes sound great followed closely by hard chrome. Ceramakote, was one that was mentioned quite a bit. Here is a link to that thread

              I would like to get as much of the gun coated as possible and have heard Walter Birdsong will coat everything except the bore. And the lubricity of the coating is appealing as well. I have also heard he does a Green-T finish now.


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                Its very little rust,little blood stains,just don't want to worry about it.I will have the internal parts done also.Gonna have some work done to the gun before I get it coated.

                Been looking at Robar out of Phoenix also.


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                  I just sent one of my rifles to Macs Shooting Irons to be refinished. The whole rifle will be disassembled and all parts coated except springs. I have never used him before but I couldn't find any bad reports but found alot of happy customers. He has a web site if you want to check him out.


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