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  • Need parts for Weatherby Ninety Two

    I have a Weatherby model Ninety Two in 12 gauge. I broke it down to ship it to AK in two boxes (so they couldn't say I was shipping a firearm). Somehow the two little pins in the side of the receiver that hold the trigger assembly got lost. One of them is plastic and (I think) one is metal. I looked on the website and I can't figure it out. I took it to the dealer I bought it from and they couldn't figure it out either. I'm in Seward and we're not exactly running over with gunsmiths down here, LOL. Can anyone get me these two little pins? Thanks.

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    After carefully looking again at two different exploded views, I've come up with what I think I need. On this site, the parts that I need are:
    Part #3220 Pin, Front Trigger Frame (index #19)
    Part #3221 Lever - Forend Release (index #20) and
    Part #3237 Pivot Tube - Hammer (index #29)

    From what I can tell on the Weatherby site, the owners manual calls them slightly different names:
    Front Trigger Plate Pin, Disconnector Lever, Disconnect Lever Plate Pin and/or Slide Release Lever

    Evidently this shotgun has not been made in about 15 years. It's sad because I loved shooting this gun and, other than a very few skeet targets, I never missed anything with it.


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