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  • Bolt Stop Spring

    I have a Sako 243 Mdl-L579 Forester I need the bolt stop spring--
    Sako part # 3341212

    I've called everywhere, can't locate one. Whatever assistance you're able to provide would be appreciated..

    Also is anyone able to make one

    Thanks, Robert

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    Beretta Maybe?

    I did a bit of web searching for you and came across this info on another forum:
    Sako is now under the control of Beretta..www, HOWEVER if your predate their take over they won't help then try that is still home for your gun!
    Hope it helps! Love those Sakos.


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      Is the bolt stop spring a coil spring I assume. Wolff gunsprings has a lot of misc. springs and they have helped me find some real oddball stuff in the past. They may be able to help you if you know the size of spring you are looking for.I have a pretty large collection of gunsprings, if you can post a dimension or size I can see if I've got anything that will work. Good luck, Kyle


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        the L579 is a Mauser 98 based action if I remember correctly (I could be completely wrong about this, my memory is unreliable at best and worse yet on Saturday nights). If this is the case would a generic Mauser part work? It might be worth A look.


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          The 579 is an original Sako designed action for the 308 Winchester length cartridges. Originally the model L57 of 1957, then upgraded to the L579 in about 1961. This model rifle was called the Forester and in 1982 with some appearance and gas handling changes, it became the A-II action. This L579 action was used by Browning for their FN made Safari rifles for the calibers 22-250, 243 and 308 back in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

          I believe this is a hairpen type spring with one curl and both ends shaped to fit the end latch positions. I've never broken one or lost one and never replaced a spring in any Sako. It would have to be this spring!

          Jim Lutz was, for the longest time, the best hope for such parts but after reviewing you list of contacts I'm afraid I have no further leads. It would seem to be a relatively easy spring to make with the correct size wire and a torch but a model would be a good help, but of course you don't have one. Unless you have a second rifle. An A-II spring would probably work, as far as I can tell they are the same and likely the long action, too.

          The very graceful and attractive bolt release is a very destinctive feature of the Sako rifle. It is a good design in both form and function and parts for it would only be Sako. I know of no other bolt release or parts to fit this action.

          I have recently purchased my 335th Sako rifle and it is a 308 with the most unusual and rarest of all the actions. Callled the model 581 it was made in 1982 for a short run of about 750 rifles. It has many very different features and as I look it over I see many unusual parts that wont interchange with other models. It is a six forward lug bolt, detachable steel box magazine, unique bolt release and safety. Such an odd ball and a stark departure from the A-series or the L579. It is lovely and light weight but a puzzle in the world of Sako rifles.
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