Ruger M77 and Win 70 barrel dimensions



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  • Ruger M77 and Win 70 barrel dimensions

    I was looking at the threads and shank dimensions of Ruger M77, Ruger No. 1, and Winchester Mdl. 70 rifle barrels. All these have 1" V-threads 14? TPI. The pre-64 and classic barrels and the Ruger No. 1s have longer shanks and are cut for extractors but the push feed M77s and M70s appear to be very close.

    I have pre-64 Mdl. 70s, push feed M77s, and No. 1 barrels in my scrap pile but don't have a push feed M70 or a new CF M77 barrel. Does anyone have one one of these barrels laying around or have the dimensions of them? I'd like to look at the possibility of easily interchanging Mdl 70 push feed and M77 barrels and I'm curious how close a M77 controlled feed comes to the Winchester pre64/ classic barrels.

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    Barrel thread

    Push feed M70 barrels have the same thread as pre-64s but the timing is a bit different - timing is also different on pre and post war pre 64s. Post 64 barrels seem to be very mixed in how well they shoot unlike Remington 700s. I have had gunsmiths rethread Remington barrels and install them on both pre/post 64 M70s with good success. Getting ready to have a Rem 204 barrel installed on a M70 223.


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