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  • building a rifle

    If you have a little extra money you could hit the pawn shops and buy a rifle for the action , a FN or Mark X , Zastavia , etc. . Buy a barrel vice , Mauser cones and action wrench ( all from Brownells ) . Remove the barrel and keep it to practice drilling holes for bases and sights . Buy a lug lapping jig for your bolt and have some fun ( DO BEFORE CHAMBERING !! ) lapping your lugs . Buy a bolt bending fixture and head to your buddy's welding shop and have fun bending your bolt handle to your liking and shaping it afterwards with file and sandpaper . If your junk gun was a '06 or whatever and you want a belted magnum then send your bolt out to have the face opened up ($100) . Order a pre-chambered barrel and screw it on your action and finish chambering with a hand reamer ( not that hard with a little reading ) . Do your action work with a dummy round , polishing the rails and extractor until it feeds slick ( stay away from a dremmel , go slow with 400 and 600 grit wrapped around a jewelers file ) . Bolt shroud safeties are fun to install and a Buehler is tops with a little work on the cocking piece , be patient . Holes for sights and scope bases should always be done with a Forester Jig and a DIAL INDICATOR . 3 threads deep is enough . All this is do-able with a little reading and a little money for tools that will last and are always easily re-sold .

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