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  • Teflon

    Who in south central does teflon or any kind of protective finishes? I have a few blued rifles I want to have this done to.

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    Box your guns up and send them to accurate plating. Their Matte Hard Chrome plating is tougher than nails. Totally corrosion resistant, and doesn't build up a thickness on the moving parts like the "teflon" or other shake and bake finishes. You can spray and bake your guns yourself if you are up to taking them apart. Watch for plastic pieces though, as they generally don't agree with being left in the oven. Good Luck! GUNBUGS
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      I just had a Win Mod 70 tefloned by Lee at http://www.blackicecoatings.com/Our_Products.html

      Its looks great was priced reasonably and I got a quick turn around on it. I guess the years of hunting to come with have to show how durable it is.

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