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Taurus Judge smithing

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  • Taurus Judge smithing

    Would it somehow make my Stainless Magnum Judge illegal to replace the barrel with a smooth bore (non-rifled) 10" barrel?

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    Not sure, but I'm thinking that would drop it right into one of those ATF catagories were a pile of paper and some cash must change hands to make it legal:rolleyes:
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      I can't give you chapter and verse, but I'm quite sure it would be illegal.

      If I understand correctly, a handgun must have a rifled bore to be legal.

      Remember the Snake Charmer had to have an 18 inch barrel, and a stock. (The stock was too short to function as such, but both features are necessary to make it legal)

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        Good input guys. It would probably be better to try to find a stainless .410 shotgun with an extended tube and put a pistol grip on it...


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