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  • Siaga Trigger Adjustment

    I have a Siaga rifle which is a Kalashnikov design. Mine has a mushy 7 Lb trigger and I want a crisp 3 Lb trigger. Has anyone used the Tapco Single Hook Trigger Group replacement parts in either a Siaga or an AK 47? It is part #100-002-493 at Brownells. I was wondering how hard the present parts would be to replace and how well these Tapco parts work. Other suggestions would also be welcome.

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    I have the Tapcoo set as part of the 922 requirements. Not a great trigger, and I am afraid to stone it, as I supsect it only is surface hardened and is soft underneath. AK style parts are not too hard to replace, the one pin retainer spring can be frustrating, but Tapco sells another type that installs nicley and works.

    The single hook has a noticeable "trigger slap" on my rifle as well. Sometimes, it rapidly returns to battery and stings my finger.

    A knowledgeable trigger person could rework, stone, true up, polish the existing parts for you. Personally, I would just shoot it a bunch to smooth it out then learn to live with the trigger.

    Hope that helps!


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      Thats good to know, Allen. I contacted Tapco and they said their G2 trigger group for AK 47s will not work in Saigas without modification. The hammer hits the pistol grip as is. They are working on one that will fit the Saigas which they said should be out in early 2009. Presently Dinzag Arms offers a Tapco G2 trigger group that has the hammer turned down and is stoned that will fit the Saigas. Danzig says they turned the hammers down to avoid the hold open linkage. Rockwell hardness is 45-48. Parts are 4140 tool grade steel. It would be nice if they stoned the contact surfaces and then heat treated the parts. Anything would be an improvement on mine. It pulls at 7 Lbs and is mushy. They also carry Red Star triggers for AK 47s which are machined out of solid steel, but they don't fit saigas as is. They are fully adjustable.
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