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  • Remington Mtn Rifle restock

    I have a Remington Mountain Rifle with the detachable magazine. It came with a walnut stock which has worked for me over the years but I have found that I leave this gun at home mostly because I don't want to beat the stock up. I would like to swap our the walnut stock for a lighter more durable one. I have looked at several web sights that have the replacement stocks for a mountain rifle but they are not for the detachable magazine. How hard would it be to convert mine from the dm to fit a non dm stock?

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    Is this something best left for a gunsmith?


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      DId it come like that with a DBM when new? The newer models have B&C Stocks on them.


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        Manners MCS-SL (super light) are used in custom hunting rifles for Rem 700 and clone actions inletted w/ DBM.


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          45.308 thanks for the link. They are proud of those stocks.


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            Easy. You’ll need a mag box and follower. Also bottom metal for BDL style stock or trigger guard for blind mag. There’s a place online called Stockys that has everything you need including a pretty good selection of stocks. They can deal with McMillan for you as an example or you can call them directly. McMillan also has excellent CS. I speak with them on the phone, there is a gal there who I believe might be part of the ownership that really knows her stuff.


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              Yea,,,,, what gbflyer said, this is my Rem. M700BDL Mtn. Rifle, with a Bell & Carlson Stock from Stockys..... Easy-Peasy......

              Click image for larger version

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