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Change Sights On 1911 In Anchorage?

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  • Change Sights On 1911 In Anchorage?

    Is there anyone in Anchorage that can change the front sight blade on my Gold Cup while I stand there? This one is razor sharp and prevents me from using it in my Galco holsters due to cutting into the leather. Want a nice rounded one. Don't want to have to mail to lower 48 just for change. And don't want to wait a couple of weeks.
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    There's a gunsmith on Old Seward beside the Wiggy's store, Alaska Custom Firearms. He did a few things for me while I waited. Number is 349-4867.


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      I used this smith for a couple easy things. I was having a problem with a shotgun and he said: "that means the spring is about to break"...and it broke as we were trying to duplicate the problem. Charged me $5 for a new spring, no additional charge. Replaced a bead sight on another shotgun, didn't charge for that, asked if I'd pay $25 for a teardown and clean so that he could show his son how to do it.

      Good guy, can't speak to his 1911 expertise, but should be competent.


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