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Kimber Montana action screws

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  • Kimber Montana action screws

    Torque....what should I torque the screws to when I put it back together. Thanks

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    40 inch lbs


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      Go look up the article "Montana Tinkering" on 24hrcampfire. It will help you IMMENSELY with accurizing your Kimber Montana/Mtn. Ascent. I've done this process to a Montana and to a Mtn. Ascent with great improvement in accuracy. The short answer to your question is to do a 2-stage torque sequence. 35 in-lb starting with the screw on the trigger guard and then the forward receiver screw (and check screw length, of course!). Second stage is 45in-lbs.

      Make certain to check the other elements to accurizing your Kimber. Well worth it and quite satisfying. Prior to taking these steps I almost threw my Kimber in the ocean just to make SURE that It couldn't be recovered to frustrate someone else. BTW, I also used a marker to write my torque specs on my Montana. Don't do that to a Mtn Ascent as you CANNOT use acetone to wipe it off--the digital came will come off on your acetone-soaked rag...ask me how I know!


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