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Savage 10 extraction problems

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  • Savage 10 extraction problems

    Here's the back ground. Rifle sat for years unused. Started building suppressors (legal form 1.) Took the barrel off, had to cut the nut. Sent it off to get the barrel threaded. Installed with new nut and recoil lug from EABCO. Torqued to about 40ft lbs. Used Forster go/no go headspace gauges. Barrel lined up the same as when I took it off (no surprise there)

    Load is random 308 cases, large rifle match primer, 10gr and 10.3gr trailboss, 180gr plated bullet (rainier wedge, terrible 300 blk bullet), seated as per the sierra load manual. 1090fps and 1120 fps.. gonna try 9.8gr for subsonic...

    Out of 20 test rounds 6 failed to extract. Had to push them out with a rod. Came out easy. It's like the extractor claw never grabbed them. Tried briskly working the action with the fired case in the chamber, still wouldn't grab. I have the brass, but haven't inspected it yet and did not separate the failed cases from the good one.

    Anyone got any ideas? Gonna tear apart the bolt tonight and reassemble. Did I mess up the head spacing? (I didn't pull the ejector spring like I should have when head spacing)

    I believe this is all the pertinent information. TIA!

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    My suspicion is that there may be rust in the chamber. Although you should recheck headspace with the striker and ejector removed from the bolt. Typically I find extraction problems are the extractor, or the chamber. Big time overloads can be an issue as well, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. A light polish of the chamber with 600 grit can cure some problems, but make sure your headspace and extractor are correct first. Might just have some old gummy oil under the extractor.
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      Found some interesting stuff after more searching. I may have had a combination of problems. Headspace is good, cleaned the bolt really well. I am currently drilling out the flash hole in the cases. Apparently, low pressure loads can cause primer setback. With these subsonic loads there isn't enough pressure to "re seat" the primer after ignition. With a gummed up extractor, it may not have been biting the rim enough, combined with the primer set back from ignition, it was causing my issues. I'll test this weekend.

      A lot of wierd stuff happens when you shoot low power stuff I guess.


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        Did you find the root of the problem?


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