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Anyone want to buy a clean one owner? Buy now is only 2 grand!

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  • Anyone want to buy a clean one owner? Buy now is only 2 grand!

    Owner gives a list of probable cause for this catastrophic failure then goes on to rip Marlin for quality.

    My guess is that his confirmed load (how do you confirm the load when you only have a half a rifle case left to examine) was 48 grains of IMR 3031 and a 300 grain Barnes. If that is the load used then it is 10 grains below the starting load in Hodgdons manual.. Thats a no no. Making squib loads out of powder that requires more density can lead to detonation.

    Ole Butch blew up a nice 98 mauser in 458 Win mag years ago doing the same thing. It was a model 70 Winchester and handled the pressure better than this Marlin. However, the lugs were welded into the recesses permanently and the barrel split on the bottom which also split the stock. Butch had on a heavy coat and basically got nothing more than a bruise on his forearm and a little powder in his face that came back through the bolt. The folks at Dupont back in those days told him the error of his ways. This is as best as I can remember their explanation.

    1. The reduced load does not ignite properly.
    2. The primer flashes through the powder that is lacking density and doesn't get a complete burn going.
    3. The bullet moves from the case far enough to be stuck a few inches into the rifling.
    4. Then the rest of the charge lights off and the pressure spikes and the stuck bullet is now an obstruction.
    5. The gun comes apart.

    I'd like to hear what you guys think happened?

    Another thought that comes to mind is...what makes that guy think that what is left of his gun is now a sacred cow? $795 starting bid and 2 grand buys it now? Like someone is going to jump right on it.

    I lay none of the blame on Marlin! As I said on another forum, "if you shut your wanky in a car door and then you use a jaws of life to destroy that door to free up your wanky, are you then going to blame someone in Detroit for making an inferior door. Then expect someone to feel obligated to buy what's left of that door so you can purchase a new wanky? Not this honyock.....It's your wanky, you deal with it!

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    A 300 RUM blew up at the Chugiak range a few weeks ago. The main damage was the wood splinters in the poor guys face as the entire stock exploded as well. I wonít guess what happened, but it was ugly. He was pretty fortunate as to not lose and eye to the shrapnel.

    I have yet to begin to procrastinate


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      Originally posted by elmerkeithclone View Post
      Not this honyock.....
      What.....doesn't everybody want a blown up Marlin?
      Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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        I would like it to hang in my reloading room as a reminder but would never pay for one


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          My old man blew up a Guide Gun. I was there when it happened. There was no loud report like a normal shot. More of a loud pop. Split the receiver long ways dot to dot along the scope mount holes and launched the barrel forward about 6-7 feet. Splintered the forearm. He was shooting over the hood of a truck and was not holding the forearm. No injury other than a dented truck hood.

          There was a Reloder7 load I believe it was floating around that he had cautiously worked up to the max. He got a new jug of powder but like a dumbass didnít pay good attention. It was Accurate 7...a pistol powder. Thereís no telling what the pressure was.

          Called Marlin and fessed up. They replaced the rifle at no cost. This was pre-Freedom Group. All they asked for was that he send it back.


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