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Lathe And Mill Are Here!

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  • Lathe And Mill Are Here!

    Okay folks,

    The lathe and mill, a PM1440GT and PM1054TV, respectively, that I ordered in late April finally made it the last week of August. I spent almost a week uncrating, then lifting onto rollers, and moving them into the positions you see in the photo. Dang! Just about was too much! Especially that mill. I need to do more stuff in the shop, and get steel plate to make baseplates to spread the weight, levelers to level the machines, finish painting under my hanging shelves, put up the six, 10k-lumen 4-foot shop light to cover that corner, reinforce the shelf behind the mill, and cut a slot to fit the moto when I tilt it back. Phew! Oh....tooling!

    But they are here.

    The whole story is on FB on Home Shop Machinist.Click image for larger version

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    Oh, forgot to add: the mill may look a little strange, I have power feeds on all axis, and DRO on same for the lathe and mill, but as you can see, need to install them. Also haven't cleaned the cosmoline off the wearing surfaces.
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      Awesome. Soon it will be time to make chips!


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