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  • Cleaning rags

    How do you store your oily rags and brushes you use for cleaning? I saw on a video where a guy was using a shaveing brush to oil his guns with. Would it be ok to store brushes and rags in a zip lock bag?

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    My paranoia regarding spontaneous combustion of oily rags keeps me from storing them inside of anything or piled up tightly.. That said, the brushes I use for solvents and oil are rather small, like acid brushes or tooth brushes, so it isn’t like they are going to hold a bunch of material. And the rags I use are paper towel for the really nasty stuff, which of course just gets thrown away. The only “rags” I use are for buffing out EeZox and they don’t really get oily enough to worry about.
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      I store mine in a five gallon plastic bucket with an air tight lid. No air, no fire.


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