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  • I need a gunsmith...

    I have an old Savage 99 takedown in 250-3000 which I cannot get to zero. It's an old gun and the small key on the fore stock that aligns the barrel and action is worn and allows a very slight knock when you twist the barrel. I'm guessing the key just needs to be built up and machined down to spec again to tighten things up.

    Any reputable gunsmiths around Southcentral that could tackle something like this?

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    Give Fred over at Moose Creek Custom Arms a call. If he can't fix it he will know who can. They are just outside Palmer and can be reached at 9077456904.

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      Talk to Sterling at the ammo/gun shop on the Palmer Wasilla Hwy. He's across from the bus barn area in that little strip mall.
      (The name of the shop escapes me at the moment....)
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        The best smiths I have ever dealt with are in Alaska. Well Andy defected but gun bugs and the kid are both still there and I can attest that they are top notch. Andy does have a big mailbox I expect.


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